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The Superhero Stack (Plus Collagen): Maximum Strength & Lean Muscle Building

The Superhero Stack (Plus Collagen): Maximum Strength & Lean Muscle Building

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Use the proven-effective all-natural Superhero Stack to transform your body into a modern day superhero. Anyone on any Kinobody workout program can benefit from using the Superhero Stack daily.


    • Kino Octane - Increased energy and focus, bigger muscle pumps and faster recovery. Increase blood flow and nutrient delivery to the muscle for improved performance and faster growth.
    • Kino Gains - Increase power, lean body mass and muscle recovery while reducing excess estrogen. Develop more power and muscle mass, increase androgen receptor density, reduce excess estrogen and enhance cognitive function.
    • Kino Aminos - Prevent muscle breakdown, boost protein synthesis and increase training capacity. All acids are clinically-dosed to make sure you're preventing muscle breakdown and gaining more muscle.
    • Kino Collagen - Improves muscle growth, gives glowing skin, helps with hunger regulation, and improves gut health.

If you're new to training, the Superhero Stack will ensure that you're doing things right from the start. If you're advanced, use the Superhero Stack to break through plateaus and reach maximum muscular potential.

As always, we offer our 60-Day "Transform or It's Free" Money-Back Guarantee. 

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