Mojo Stack + Octane
Mojo Stack + Octane
Mojo Stack + Octane
Mojo Stack + Octane
Mojo Stack + Octane
Mojo Stack + Octane
Mojo Stack + Octane
Mojo Stack + Octane
Mojo Stack + Octane
Mojo Stack + Octane



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Get your Mojo back, and then some! We’ve created a trio of supplements to fuel your playboy lifestyle. Work Hard Play Harder with increased energy, blood flow and mojo. Start living your life to the max.

Kino Mojo will naturally increase your testosterone levels giving you unmatched drive and ambition.

Kino Octane supports clean, high level energy without getting the jitters or a crash afterwards.

Kino Nitro increases blood flow, supports vascular health, improves skin hydration and appearance, and elevates your bedroom life to new levels.

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Together Kino Octane, Kino Mojo, and Kino Nitro create an incredible combo that will elevate your lifestyle and open opportunities you never dreamed possible. Simply put, you’ll be at your peak performance all day long.

The Mojo Stack will boost your life and performance in a variety of ways including your testosterone levels, clean, high level energy with no crash, and blood flow to boost your bedroom game.

Benefits of

MOJO STACK + octane



testosterone increased


Increase blood flow and pumps

Unmatched Ambition



Improved skin hydration

Real People.

Real Results.

The Mojo Stack results speak for themselves. We’ve helped thousands of men boost their testosterone and discover the incredible results the Mojo Stack creates.


Christian’s testosterone level went from 491 to 799 with the help of the Mojo Stack. With the boosted testosterone, Christian is becoming an absolute machine and is on his way to a Movie Star Body.


Mateo naturally had a high T with his starting point of 848. He thought he was at the maximum his body was capable of. He wasn’t even close. With the help of the Mojo Stack, Mateo was able to increase his T to over 1000! That’s nearly a 200-point jump!


Bridger increased his Total T 40 points (it was already high) and tripled his free T from 5.6 to 16.9 ng/dl. This was done in 4 months and he added 8 lbs of muscle. The higher free T allowed him to pack on pure muscle and increase strength significantly!


At 35, Gabriel thought maybe his best days of bedroom performance were behind him. Then he discovered the Mojo stack and became UNSTOPPABLE. The Mojo Stack helped Gabriel become “a monster in the bedroom,” and he noticed a huge increase in his sex drive.


Instagram user Okayogut doubled his T levels with Mojo Stack. His testosterone levels started at 302 and went to an unreal 628 within only a few months of taking the Mojo stack.


Sasha told us the Mojo stack “changed my life,” in only 3 months. The fat on his body started falling off, he’s never been more focused in his life, and his libido recovered from rock bottom. He’s never felt so motivated and cites these amazing results after only three months of taking The Mojo stack.

THREE Supplements to


The MOJO STACK + OCTANE combines three of our most popular and powerful supplements to supercharge your lifestyle and performance.

Kino Mojo

Maximize your mojo. Kino Mojo is designed to support and increase your total and free testosterone and lower your estrogen levels. The five key ingredients are designed for men that want to push themselves to live the highest quality life possible.

ZINC - A crucial component of testosterone production that most men aren’t getting enough of. Zinc increases free testosterone and improves the immune system.

MAGNESIUM - Increases testosterone levels and helps improve insulin production. Most men are deficient, which can hinder muscle production.

BORON - Decreases estrogen and increases free testosterone. Boron also helps fight estrogenic compound exposure.

TONGKAT ALI - Significantly raises free and total T. Also has strong anti-estrogen effects. Changes can be seen and felt as quickly as 1-2 weeks and will continue to improve for months.

FORSKOHLII - A Chinese herb that increases testosterone and lowers inflammation. It also assists in fat loss.


Kino Nitro is an all natural supplement designed to increase blood flow, support vascular health, improve skin hydration and appearance and elevate your bedroom game to new levels.

PINE BARK EXTRACT - Improves blood flow, stimulates the immune system, and has antioxidant effects. Studies have shown it’s a natural cure for ED, with results as high as 92.5%!

GRAPE SEED EXTRACT - Antioxidant-rich and protects the heart and cardiovascular system. Protects against UV damage and premature skin aging.

VITAMIN C - Boosts blood flow and protects the immune system. Also helps in the production of collagen, which can improve and protect your skin.

GARLIC EXTRACT - Improves circulation and blood flow while lowering blood pressure. Additionally, it assists in safe and effective workouts.

NIACIN - Protects the nervous system, digestive system, and skin. It boosts good cholesterol levels and reduces triglycerides. May also have good mental health benefits.

ARUGULA EXTRACT - The high level of nitrates helps improve blood flow, exercise performance, and vascular health.


Ready for the best workouts of your life? Kino Octane’s six ingredients combine to create the premiere pre workout designed to give you smooth energy, clear focus, improved performance, and incredible pumps.

L-CITRULLINE - Increases protein synthesis, boosts nitric oxide production, protects muscles from inflammation and increases oxygen uptake.

THIAMIN - Vital for metabolism, boosts the immune system, supports brain function and helps digestions

BIOTIN - Supports metabolism, regulates blood sugar, helps in lowering cholesterol, improves skin health.

SIBERIAN GINSENG ROOT EXTRACT - Boosts the immune system, improves athletic performance, helps in regulating blood pressure and helps fight fatigue.

NATURAL CAFFEINE ANHYDROUS - Heightens alertness, promotes thermogenesis, sustained energy to crush workouts, increases focus and concentration.

L-THEANINE - Promotes a calm and relaxed state, improves mental focus when combined with caffeine, reduces vasoconstriction, improves mood and cognitive performance.



The combination of Kino Mojo, Kino Octane, and Kino Nitro are your keys to unlocking the ultimate lifestyle. Improve your testosterone levels, boost your energy & bedroom performance, and look and feel the best you ever have.

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The Mojo Stack + Octane is only for those who are ready to completely transform their body and lifestyle. These are high-powered supplements that will revolutionize the way you feel.

 If you’re ready for sky-high confidence, a lean physique, and peak performance in all facets of your life, then the Mojo Stack + Octane is for you.


Not gonna lie, mojo changed my life last 3 months have been insane I've seen the most results and my clear headedness is insane. Amazing product

Sasha B.
United states

Barely 3 weeks using, I'm 35 and it's been years or a decade maybe since the last time I've been such a monster in bed Huge difference noticed in sex drive.

United states

DUDE! Last time I got my blood work done my total T was 491. Just got checked last week and it's 799! Let's f***ing go! Appreciate your help in becoming a f***ing savage.

United states


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