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The key to this course comes down to a few things:

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You'll be training just 3 times per week, that's it! There are also routines you can perform on your rest days. I actually encourage you to get out, get active, and live your life with all the freedom you now have. All routines are in an easy-to-read PDF format.

No matter the experience level, you can start the Greek God Program today! Inside the program, everything is laid out for a hassle-free experience. You'll have support & accountability from the KinoTeam as well as the private Facebook Group. And most importantly, the core exercises come with "How-To" demonstration videos, so you know exactly how to perform each exercise before you even arrive at the gym.

The success of this program relies on having a gym membership or building your own home gym. In this program, you will be using weights, benches, barbells, dumbbells, and machines. If you do not have access to any kind of gym, we recommend using our Bodyweight Mastery Program to get these results you're looking for.

This program is catered and handcrafted to induce the most powerful change in improving your body and developing the perfect ratios. Given that this program is extremely laser-focused and strategic, you will start to see results almost immediately. Within the first 2 weeks, you will look better. You'll put on muscle quickly and your body will start to become firm and dense. You’ll also start to look better than ever in your favorite outfits. Of course, to create the full effect it will take 24 weeks to take your body from where it is now to an incredible transformation. The Goddess Toning Program is a full-blown 24-week program. The program also has additional routines to fill a whole year's worth of workouts. Building an amazing body is a process and you certainly can’t binge eat yourself to a lean and chiseled body. You have to follow a sensible strategy that works with your body to put on minimal fat, increase strength and support amazing changes.

This program is designed to give you the most freedom possible. Simply put, meal plans do not allow this. We prefer giving you the tools to calculate the amount of calories, protein, carbs, and fat that you need in your diet on a daily basis to achieve your goals. You can achieve this with your favorite foods, which makes reaching your ultimate goals practically effortless. If you’d like recipe ideas that are both delicious and macro-friendly on the Kinobody programs, we recommend checking out KinoChef, the official Kinobody Cookbook. While there aren’t “meal plans” included, all the recipes inside KinoChef ARE designed to fit into the Kinobody nutrition protocols.