The Greek God Muscle Building Program is my definitive guide to building solid, proportionate muscles and gaining mass without gaining fat.

Here is the ideal Greek God physique, a lean and solid 8-9% body fat:

Greek God Program to build a Greek God Body.

This program combines the best training progressions and nutritional strategies I’ve ever used for gaining size while staying lean.

The result is a rock solid, muscular Greek God body!

About the Workout Plan

The workout plan in the Greek God Muscle Building Program is likely VERY different from any other workout routine you’ve done in the past.

Greek God Muscle Building Program

First off, you’re only lifting 3 days a week and on non-consecutive days. (I explain exactly why this is so effective for building strength and muscle in the full course), but it’s the one major change that’s enabled me to hit the elite lifts I’ve worked up to.

The great part about this is that because you’re not hitting the gym 5-6 days of the week, it’s incredibly easy to fit into any schedule. Where most people struggle and fall out of most muscle building programs because they don’t have the time and have to start skipping workouts… You’ll never have to worry about that.

Second, the focus is around what I consider the “key lifts” for achieving the visually aesthetically stunning physique. By focusing on building strength in these specific movements, you’ll build the powerful upper and lower body that creates the Greek God look.

In case you’re wondering… NO, you won’t be doing crazy amounts of sets and reps every workout. No ridiculous amount of super sets, drop sets, or any other kind of set that blasts your muscles past fatigue. (That’s a recipe for overtraining and it will stunt your growth.)

The Greek God Workout Routines in this Program

1.) Strength & Density Split

Inside the Greek God Program, there are a few different routines. The main Strength & Density split is meant to build solid, functional muscle like Brad Pitt in Troy:

Use the Greek God workout to look like Brad Pitt in Troy

2.) Specialization Routines

There are also a full series of Specialization routines that help bring up stubborn muscle groups. You can use these initially, or after developing a solid base with the Strength & Density split.

3.) “MEGA” Training Workouts

The final component to this program is what I’ve dubbed the “MEGA” workouts. MEGA stands for “Minimal Effort Growth Acceleration” training. These routines are meant to take your physique to a near-superhero status like Chris Hemsworth in Thor:

Greek God Body

Overall, this is a complete program that will help you develop the exact physique you want, regardless of problem areas, like stubborn muscle groups.

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The Muscle Building Nutrition Plan

The nutrition plan in the Greek God Program is geared towards eating at a surplus to build muscle, but in a structured way so the excess calories don’t get stored as fat.

That’s the one main problem I see most people struggle with when they try a muscle building diet: they eat too many calories thinking they need the extra calories to support muscle growth, but what happens is those calories get stored as fat.

In addition, but your calorie intake will change on days you’re not lifting. Your body can only handle so many extra calories for building muscle before storing them as fat. Knowing exactly how to structure your macros and calorie intake is critical to making lean gains.

You’ll learn exactly how to set up your own nutrition protocol for building muscle without gaining fat in the process.

What Results Are Possible?

The results you’ll experience using the Greek God Program will definitely vary. That said, the muscle building workouts you’ll use on this program WILL enable you to build strength, muscle, and bust through any plateaus you’ve been stuck at.

Greek God Physique

Between the precise nutrition strategies and the highly effective muscle building protocols, you could completely transform your body.

Like one of my clients Scott was able to do:

It’s important to note that your results are solely dependent upon you and the work you put into it. Just like with ANY fitness program: I can show you what to do, but you have to do it.

What I CAN say though is that this program has helped dozens of people change their physiques, build more muscle, gain more mass, and stay leaner doing it than with any other program they’ve ever used.

Here is yet another testimonial…

This is Trent, the winner of the Muscle Building division in the first ever Kinobody Transformation Contest. Trent was able to bring his physique from Warrior to GREEK GOD in just 3 months… Check him out now:

Greek God Transformation

Who is the Greek God Muscle Building Program for?

The Greek God Program is ideal for people that want to take their strength to a level they never knew they could achieve. It’s for people that also want muscle definition and proportions WHILE staying absolutely shredded and maintaining a very high level of sex appeal.

This isn’t a program on just adding mass anywhere “just to add mass”. Instead, it’s a focused approach to pack on rock-hard proportionate muscle in the most aesthetically appealing way.

In short, this is a road map for developing the body of a Greek God. (And appropriately named, eh?)

Who is it NOT for?

This program is NOT for people that want to live in the gym, lifting for multiple hours 5+ days a week.

I get it… Lifting can be addictive. Furthermore, the media and all these “Gurus” (like on the top forums out there) have convinced you that you need to  sweat it out in the gym 5-6 days a week to make gains. That, or you’re not making gains unless you drop-set everything and you’re utterly spent every single day.

Sorry, but that’s just not how it works.

The strategies and concepts in this program are proven to build lean, dense muscle using a specific 3 day per week protocol. That’s all it takes. If you’re impatient and feel like going to the gym more than that will help you get the results faster, then this isn’t for you.

(In fact, going to the gym MORE than recommended in my plan will actually hurt your gains. You MUST give your nervous system time to recover as well, which will enable you to hit every single workout totally fresh.)

The Greek God Program has been proven to work by countless people, so as long as you follow the strategies inside the program you’ll make the gains you’re after without sacrificing a shredded physique.

Side Note: If you’re not looking to make gains or don’t care about building more muscle, then the Greek God Program probably isn’t for you. I’d instead recommend my Warrior Shredding Program, which is a program more for getting lean and incredibly shredded. If you have your workout routine dialed in and just want to drop fat, then you can also check out my Aggressive Fat Loss Program. It’s the most brutally effective diet strategy I’ve ever created.

But if you want to make incredible gains while building muscle, strength and proportionate mass, then the Greek God Program is what I’d recommend.

What To Do Next?

If this sounds like it’s in line with your physique goals and what you want to accomplish, then the Greek God Muscle Building Program is right for you.

If that’s the case… Click here to check out my proven Greek God Program:


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