The Kinobody Training Glossary

Greg Inclining

In this training glossary, I’ve compiled my top 10 most helpful and famous training posts here on

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How to Build a Superhero Physique – Dual Pyramid Training

Henry Cavill Workout Routine

Take a second and look at the picture above. Ask yourself which physique is more desirable for you. Keep in mind that there is no right or wrong answer. Both levels of development represent a kinobody. Now on the left you have a slimmer Henry Cavill at a shredded 6% body fat with exceptional muscle…


The Power and Effectiveness Behind Reverse Pyramid Training

Reverse Pyramid Training

In this post we’re going to be talking about the most effective training method to gaining jaw dropping strength and building more muscle than ever before! Ironically, this is about the simplest and most sensible way to go about training, but sadly, no one ever does it. In fact, nearly every workout routine you’ve heard about…


Why Strength Training Will Increase Fat Loss On a Diet


It’s evident that strength training will always be popular in the fitness industry. And in today’s post, I wanted to put a little spin on things and address why it’s the single most important thing for fat loss. Even more important than cardio. Now keep in mind, this article is not about “increasing your calorie…


Getting Lean, Strong & Muscular with Bodyweight Training

getting ripped with bodyweight training

What if I were to tell you that you could build an incredibly lean, strong and chiseled physique with only your body as a tool. Think about that for a second. There would be no need for an expensive gym membership and no need for bulky home gym equipment. Imagine the possibilities, imagine the freedom….


The Muscle Pump of The Gods

Kellan Lutz Hercules Workout

In my last workout article, I talked about pump training vs. strength training and why the key to building a phenomenal physique is to focus on getting stronger on key movements. Let me just say, the importance of training for progressive strength gains cannot be over-emphasized. It is the very reason why so few people…


How to Build Sleek & Powerful Legs

henry cavill workout

For the Kinobody physique, we are after well developed, proportionate and sleek looking legs. Legs that complement our upper bodies, without overpowering them. Legs that are athletic and agile, not bulky and cumbersome. And of course, we want to look fantastic. If we build up our legs too much (this is actually quite easy to do), they will…


Tension Flexibility Training for a Healthy, Supple & Functional Body


Building a strong, muscular and chiseled physique is definitely the primary focus of kinobody fitness and with this attainment you will look fantastic and you’ll have plenty of real world strength and functionality. However, if you don’t utilize key flexibility movements, it’s likely you will experience nagging joint pain and become stiff and prone to injury….


The Six Benefits of Bodyweight ‘Mastery’ Training

12076963_10153008141135755_1692544866_n (1)

The benefits of bodyweight training are actually quite massive and profound! This post will seek to explore the motive behind working with bodyweight exercises to build strength and to build a great body. First things first: the main goal of working out is progressive overload – to increase your strength. You can build strength with…


Why Strength Training Will Change Your Life

Greg beach flex 2

Strength training is the number one driver behind great physiques. And I also believe there is a much deeper benefit that comes with it; we cover this topic in Part 2 of the Miami Speech.


Pump Training vs. Strength Training


What is Pump Training & Strength Training  Pump training consists of lifting light weights for a high number of sets and reps with short rest periods. The goal is to deliver a wicked pump to the working muscles to trigger an increase in muscle growth via sarcoplasmic hypertrophy. This type of muscle growth increases the…


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