Kinobody Zachary Levi Shazam Workout

Go From Geek to Superhero With Zachary Levi’s ‘Shazam!’ Workout

“Shazam!” swarmed theaters in April 2019. The film’s rising star, Zachary Levi, is the perfect anecdote to illustrate how an ordinary guy can build extraordinary muscle. Zachary Levi, known to most as a computer geek in the comedy TV show “Chuck,” is nothing to laugh at in the action-packed epic “Shazam!” Well, ok, he is…

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Kinobody Chris Evans Avengers Endgame Workout

Become the Superhero with Chris Evans’ ‘Avengers: Endgame’ Workout

The final saga of ‘The Avengers” films hits theaters in April of 2019 with the release of “Avengers: Endgame.” While the movie is fronted by a star-studded cast of heroes, one actor in particular showcases the incredible physique of a true superhero. Chris Evans, who plays Captain America, has packed on tons of hard, dense…

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An image of keanu reeves john wick workout

Look Great in a Suit With Keanu Reeves’ ‘John Wick 3’ Workout

Keanu Reeves returns to theaters in May 2019 with “John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum,” and fans are buzzing about the inspiring physical presence the 54-year-old actor reveals in the film’s trailer. In this latest installment of the Wick franchise, the term parabellum means “prepare for war.” Reeves has definitely come to the silver screen…

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Michael B Jordon in Creed 2 workout

Achieve Literal Adonis Status With The Michael B Jordan ‘Creed 2’ Workout

When Michael B Jordan dropped the trailer for “Creed II” in September of 2018, the thirst of female fans viraled out on the social web with reacts and shares. GET RIPPED QUICKLY: Jason Momoa’s Complete ‘Aquaman’ Workout It quickly became apparent that the film would be a girls’ night hit and opening weekend would attract…

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Get Ripped Quickly With Jason Momoa’s Complete ‘Aquaman’ Workout

Aquaman hit theaters in January of 2019, and the film’s star, Jason Momoa, is in absolutely amazing shape. You’ve probably seen Momoa in his recurring role on Game Of Thrones as Khal Drago. Well, he is now headlining the latest superhero franchise, and he’s built the body for it. In this post, I’m going to…

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Intermittent Fasting Tips for Lean Bulking

Intermittent fasting is often believed to be only applicable for weight loss. Did you know, though, that it also goes hand-in-hand with lean bulking? This contradicts conventional wisdom in bodybuilding circles where prolonged periods without eating will cause your muscles to shrivel to the size of prunes. We encourage you to continue to fast even…

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5 Best Glute Exercises for a Sexy Booty

What is the sexiest defining feature of a woman, according to most guys? It’s an attractive waist-to-hip ratio with an hour-glass shape. Yes, you need to slim your waist down, but you also want to add glute exercises to your workout for building the muscles around the booty. Many women, unfortunately, fail to adequately develop…

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The Truth About HIIT Training for Fat Loss & Getting Shredded

If you have been keeping up with Kinobody for some time, then you know we aren’t big proponents of cardio. In fact, we think traditional cardio absolutely sucks. What about HIIT, though? Many advanced athletes perform HIIT and swear by it for its supposed and superior fat burning effects over traditional cardio. We’ll share our…

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