Sliced & Shredded: 3 Day Workout Split

Greg Plitt

Welcome to the most effective 3 day workout split for sculpting a super sliced and shredded physique. The program is focused on doing just enough strength training to maintain muscle and plenty of fat burning cardio. The result will be insane muscle tone!

The program includes 3 workouts which you will rotate through for a total of 4-6 workouts per week. If you aren’t participating in any competitive athletics you can build up to 6 workouts per week. However if your going to train 6 days a week you will have to have at-least 2 light days per week where you go easy. This is crucial to avoid overtraining.

Here is an example of how the set-up would look like:

Monday: Workout A (chest, bi’s, abs) + HIIT #1 and Low Intensity Cardio

Tuesday: Workout B (shoulders, traps, abs) + HIIT #2 and Low Intensity Cardio

Wednesday: Workout C (back, triceps, abs) + Low Intensity Cardio

Thursday: Workout A + HIIT #1 and Low Intensity Cardio

Friday: Workout B + HIIT #2 and Low Intensity Cardio

Saturday: Workout C + HIIT #3 and Low Intensity Cardio

Sunday: Rest

Note: If you are going to perform 3, 4 or 5 workouts per week than you will alternate through the workouts the same way only you will have more rest days. However if your working out 3-4x per week than you will perform intervals each day. If your working out 5x per week than you only get 1 low intensity cardio day.

Workout A – Chest, Biceps, Abs:

Incline Dumbbell Bench Press:

warm-up sets: 2 x 6 reps

work sets: 3 x 4-6 reps (stop 1-2 reps before failure – 2 minutes rest in between sets)

Incline Dumbbell Curls:

warm-up sets: 1 x 6 reps

work sets: 3 x 4-6 reps (stop 1-2 reps before failure – 2 minutes rest in between sets)

Plank or Stability Ball Plank:

5 minutes total. Take short rest periods every mintue

ex: 40 seconds plank, 20 seconds rest, continue for 5 minutes. If this is easy you can perform 50 seconds plank and 10 seconds rest.

Swinging Side to Side Bent Knee Ups:

2 x max reps (burn out sets)

Hip Extension Hold

2-5 minutes

High Intensity Interval Workout #1:

Set treadmill to 3 degree incline

1 minute sprint / 2 minute walk x 4 = 12 minutes

Steady State Cardio:

Perform 20 minutes of steady state cardio on a treadmill or elliptical.

Workout B – Shoulders, Traps, Abs

Seated DB Shoulder Press:

warm-up sets: 2 x 6 reps

work sets: 3 x 4-6 reps (stop 1-2 reps before failure – 2 minutes rest in between sets)

Power Cleans or Deadlifts:

warm-up sets: 2 x 6 reps

work sets: 3 x 3-5 reps (stop 1-2 reps before failure – 2 minutes rest in between sets)

Ab Wheel Rollouts:

work sets: 2 x max reps

Hanging Leg Raises (straight or bent legs):

2 x max reps

Hip Extension Hold

2-5 minutes

High Intensity Interval Workout #2:

Set treadmill to 3 degree incline

30 second sprint / 90 second recover x 6 = 12 minutes

Low Intensity Cardio:

Perform 20 minutes of low intensity cardio (walking) on a treadmill or elliptical.

Workout C – Back, Triceps, Abs

Weighted Pull ups:

warm up: 2 x 6 reps

work sets: 3 x 4-6 reps

Weighted Bar Dips:

warm up: 2 x 6 reps

work sets: 3 x 4-6

Renegade Rows

3 x 6 reps per side

Dip Leg Raises + leg spread

3 x 8-15 reps

Hip Extension Hold

2-5 minutes

HIIT #3 – Stationary Bike Intervals

30 seconds hard / 30 seconds easy: 15 total intervals = 15 minutes

Steady State Cardio

15 minute walk on treadmill – 3.5-4mph with 3 degree incline


How come there’s no leg training? Trust me you will get plenty of leg work from the intervals. If you are worried about losing muscle in your legs you can add dead lifts or squats to Workout C (Shoulders and Traps).

Why are there only 2 exercises per workout? The goal is to maintain muscle and get super shredded. Therefore I included just enough strength training to hold onto your muscle. It only takes 1/3 to 1/2 of your normal training volume to maintain. I filled up all of the extra free space with the most effective workouts for melting fat. This will get you to the goal the fastest.

6 Workouts in a Row? Don’t worry. You will be fine. Since the volume is very low and since you will be stopping 1-2 reps before failure you should have no problem lifting weights 6 days in a row. The first week you may get a little bit sore but after that you should be fine.


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  • daniel

    hey i am in phase 2 of visual impact i was wondering is this workouts a good substitute for phase 3 or will its be better to have a higher volume of strength training like rusty gives for phase 3

    • admin

      If your looking at lose weight I would use my sliced and shredded workouts. However if your looking at maintaing your weight you can use the phase 3 workouts.

  • Dave – Not Your Average Fitness Tips

    Simple yet effective, I like it! It looks like you’re taking the best exercises for each muscle group and focusing on those. It makes a lot of sense to do this to preserve muscle while you put more focus on fat burning.

    • admin

      Thanks Dave!
      Yah I like this method. Especially when following a super restrictive diet like the (shake and salad diet). There is really no need to perform additional strength training. And thats exactly it. The workouts will all be focused on exercises that give the biggest bang for your buck ex: chin-ups, dips, shoulder press, power cleans….

  • Hunter

    okay,im 5`9 135 pounds i have okay abs but not the kind im looking for, im looking for “mike the situation” type abs,and the chest and arms to go with that look, do you have any workout suggestions?

    • admin

      If your looking for a workout program to help you build quality muscle to enhance your physique than your best bet is Visual Impact Muscle Building by Rusty Moore. This is the program I use / base all my workouts off of.
      I wouldn’t shoot for the situation style physique though. He isn’t even lean anymore and his body doesn’t look that great. Small shoulders, huge arms and chest… Looks kinda silly.

  • Mark

    If i’m 6’0, 178lbs but not that big and have extra fat to get rid of should i stick with visual impact or switch to this? I’m almost on phase 2 of rustys program but not seeing great results.

  • Achim Dirksen

    Hey Greg,
    many thanks for your Workout B Video. You present many exercises with good explanations.
    The traps exercise with the barbell and the stretching exercise lying on the back is for me quite difficult to perform, because I`m not so flexible and rather inexperienced, but these are definitively effective and hit many muscle groups.

  • Mark

    Hey, does your 6 workout a week plan mean to work Monday-Saturday and then rest only 1 day (sunday)? Thanks

    • admin

      Yes thats it exactly.
      However you may need to start with 3 days on 1 off at first and then after a couple of weeks of that switch to 6 days on 1 off.

  • Jake

    could you send me a print off of the workout above? i have the workout A and B but not sure what exercises to do for “C” workout. A printout would be awesome what muscles to hit and what lifts to preform that would be awesome! thanks

  • Nathan

    Totally agree with the heavier weight and lower reps methodology when it comes to getting shredded…

    I don’t buy into that “higher reps for getting cut” idea – good article.

  • Greg

    I’m 5’6 160lbs id say im about 10-15lbs over weight. I’d say i got alittle flabby over the winter. I plan on buying Visual Impact over the weekend. I was just wondering if you had any TIPS for me ? Thanks

    • admin

      Sorry for the late reply….

      If your goal is to drop 10-15 lbs of fat my advice would be to be relentless with it. Diet hard and base your meals off of protein. If you want to get this weight off fast than your gonna have to get used to be hungry. This is alright though. You must learn to enjoy being hungry. Because when your bodies hungry than your working on FAT and your HGH levels will be primed.

      I would shoot for around 1200-1500 calories per day. After you lose 10 lbs of fat you can then switch to a more moderate fat loss diet where you eat around 1800-2100 calories.

      I like to stick to 3-4 meals per day. With one or two of those meals being protein shakes.

      Also your going to want to go into your workouts on an empty stomach. So if you workout in the morning don’t eat or if you workout later in the day allow yourself 2-3 hours without food before hitting the gym. By doing this you will literally burn 3x more fat.

      Take green tea extract 300mg and 100-200mg of caffeine in the morning and again pre workout. This increases fat burning and gives you good energy.

      Lastly don’t eat any food at-least 3 hours before going to bed. By doing this you will maximize fat burning hormones.

      Let me know if you have any more questions.

  • Chanthaphone

    Great tips, I see huge results in a short time that I have been using your site!

  • Jonny

    So this workout shouldn’t be used to build muscle? Is there a high-volume phase that oughtta come before it?

    • admin

      Yes! This workout is to perform while you are dieting to maximize fat loss while maintaining your muscle.

      Unless you are naturally lean it is better to cut the fat first and get super lean. This way you get the shrink wrap skin tight effect as you start to build muscle.

      However if you are naturally slim/lean and want to build muscle you are going to want to follow a program with much more volume, higher reps and less intervals.

      I will outline a muscle growth program in the future.

  • Mark

    Any suggestions on the Workout C?

    • admin

      Workout C will be coming soon! I want to be super lean before I film it.

      However I will let you in on the workout now.

      Workout C – Back, Triceps and Abs

        Weighted Chin-ups: 3 x 5

        Weighted Bar Dips: 3 x 5

        Side Plank: 2 x max hold per side

        Hanging Leg Raises: 2 x max reps

        Glute Bridge Hold: 2 minutes

        Intervals: 1 minute hard / 1 minute easy x 12 minutes

        Steady State Cardio: 20 minutes total

  • daniel

    hey hows it going i had a question bout the abs
    since we are doing it to max how long will the rest be
    thank you

    • admin

      For abs I keep the rest quite short. 45-60 seconds between sets.

  • J

    These routines look great and I’ll try them out in a month or so. But currently I have a fair amount of muscle, but too much fat.
    I have been doing weights followed by some interval running in the gym 3 or 4 times a week, and getting good results.

    But last week, I switched to doing the Beachbody Insanity dvd workouts to try and drop some fat fast.

    I think I’ll need to do some weights along with it to keep the muscle up also. These look perfect to perform later in the day.

    How does this sound to you ?

    And in general what do you think of Insanity ? Doing my previous workouts I was gaining muscle and my weight was going down pretty steady. But it didn;t change at all during my first Insanity week.


    • admin

      I think insanity is a fine program. You will definitely burn a bunch of calories and get a good workout. However I really comes down to diet. If your diet is there and your creating a calorie deficit you will lose fat and make great results. I like to hit the weights 4x per week as well as a couple interval/sprint sessions. That combined with a strict diet I find produces the best results.

  • jake L

    hey greg, thx for the info. I too am following rusty’s visual workout. i started in phase two because i’m trying to burn some trouble fat on the lower abs. anyway since i follow rusty i found brad pilon’s book eat stop eat, i think you should check it out and let me know what you think. i think its right up your alley.

    • admin

      Yah! I have eat stop eat. It’s a fantastic book.

  • Jason – Fitness Workouts

    I love the 3 day split. 3 days of full body workouts with 2 or three days of intervals works wonders for getting me a flat stomach for summer without losing muscle mass.

    My next favorite is a 4 day split upper lower.
    Jason – Fitness Workouts recently posted..Vegetarian Bodybuilding

  • dan

    i you dont mind me asking, will the military press and shoulder press be enough for the traps to show? wont i be needing shrugs or upright rows?

    • admin

      I included power cleans. Power Cleans (if done properly) are the most effective trap builder.

  • Jmilli

    what are some alternate pull uo exercises for i cant do 1, and what is the diet.

  • nino

    when u say Steady State Cardio, how much in kmh? or mph?

    • admin

      A better indication of steady state cardio is % of max heart rate. For steady state cardio you want to work between 65-75% of your max heart rate.

      Max heart rate can be calculated by subtracting your age from 220 if your a male or 226 if your a female.

      If your 20 years old than your max heart rate is 200 (220-20 = 200). Therefore you want to work between 130 and 150 bpm.

  • Dave

    How long should i do this workout for? Looking for a workout that keeps muscle strength but helps to loses that persistant layer of fat round the abs. This looks like the one.

    • admin

      This workout program is very effective for a short, but super dedicated and focused period of time. Anywhere from 3-6 weeks. If your going to do this workout its important that you have all your ducks in a row. By that I mean you really need to have your diet spot on. About 10 calories per pound of body weight and at-least a gram of protein per pound of lean body mass.

  • DeShawn

    I had a question, i remember in a video or post you said build muscle size then when im getting close to my goal, build for strength. So i am starting with size and i was wondering if this 3 day split workout (with 8-15 reps instread) will work for size increase? And if i do a super strict diet 800-1200 (usually 900) Calories with lots of protein and do your 2 fasting days a week idea and your ultimate fat burning cardio 5x a week (M,Tu,Th,Fri,Sun) for 2 weeks how much weight do you think i can lose??? Plz reply Thx a ton

    • admin

      Hey DeShawn!
      The Sliced and Shredded Workout Program is geared towards increasing muscle strength / tone while dieting. If your goal is to build muscle you will need to eat extra calories. You can’t build muscle while eating less calories than you burn. In addition the sliced and shredded workout program only has 2 main exercises per workout which is good when dieting to maintain muscle but not good when trying to gain muscle. For a muscle gaining post checkout this post –

      For a muscle gaining diet read this –

      When your ready to cut fat than you can switch to the sliced and shredded workout program.

  • Erick

    Great workout. Just a few questions.

    1. All the workouts you list “Hip Extension Hold” but the videos do not demonstrate. What is this workout?

    2. According to your chart at the top workout C doesn’t have HIIT incorporated in. However under the workout C video it clearly states that we should be doing HIIT and you also state to do intervals in the actual video. Which should I follow?

    3. Should I increase the weight every workout so that the intensity is higher?

    Thanks in advance and great website. Lots of useful information.

    • admin

      Hey Erick! My apologies for the confusion. Just fixed that up. So workout C you are going to perform intervals on the Bike. However if you feel burnt out you can skip the workouts and just do steady state.

      Oh and I demonstrate the exercise in the Workout B video at 9 minutes.

  • DeShawn

    Oh, ok thanks. And one more question. I was wondering if i could do Intrervals 5-6 times a week for only 2 weeks because I need temporary weight loss.

  • daniel

    hey um i have a question what would you consider eating during lunch?

    • admin

      Go for a protein based meal with some greens and health fat.
      1. tuna with 2 tbs of mayo and lemon + celery/cucumber
      2. Chicken, advocado and spinach or kale
      4. Steak with salad and sum walnuts
      3. Protein shake mixed with unsweetened almond breeze and 1 tbs of whipping cream

      Those are all high protein / moderate fat / low carb lunch options. When it comes to losing fat you want to keep the carbs low – this way you force your body to use stored fat for energy. In addition you want to get enough protein so you maintain your muscle. You also want to get in a good amount of fat to keep you full, support proper hormones. If you eat a low carb, low fat, high protein diet than your body won’t want to burn its on fat. So you will lose muscle and fat. Whereas if you eat protein, fat and low carb you body will be happy to burn fat.

  • daniel

    oh ok thanks.

  • daniel

    have a question how tall were you when you started to work out and how tall are you now?

  • AJ

    If i do this workout 6 day’s per week for 1 month and have a good low carb diet and do interval cardio my loose skin is gonna come back to normal ?

    • admin

      Give it time. It takes a few months for your loose skin to tighten up.

  • George

    Wat could be the result of following this as STRICLTY as it can be (includes a verry healty low carb diet with enough protein etc) for the upcomming 2,5 weeks ?

    i have around 14-16% bf now

    • admin

      You should be able to drop a solid 1% bodyfat every single week. The first week you might drop 2% bodyfat.

  • Mike

    what other exercises i can do instead of hanging leg raises (not storng enough yet) (••,)

    • admin

      You can do lying leg raises. Or you can do hanging knee raises – hang from a pull up bar and bring your knees to your chest

  • Guy

    This looks perfect! I’ve been working through phase three of VI but starting to plateau a bit. I’m going to give this a crack for the next six weeks and see how I go. Cheers Greg!

  • Daniel

    So do not take any form of casein protein before bed at all? Cardio first thing in the morning on an empty stomach? What do I eat after cardio?

  • Frank

    Amazing site Greg! Thanks a lot for all the amazing information! Love how you make everything so simple and straightforward :).

    Just one thing: it looks like in the workout C video, you forgot to show us how to do “Hip Extension Hold”? Can you make another video to show how to do that please?


    • admin


      Check workout A and B. I show that exercise in one of those videos.

  • Adam

    This is amazing and I cant wait to start it
    But I do have a question about how heavy I should lift?

    Again, Thanks a lot for the information and the workout plan !!

    • admin


      Use a heavy weight that challenges you within the repetition guidelines (4-6 reps). But make sure to stop a rep before failing.

  • Adam

    And also, will this effect my growing on height?
    Im only 17 and I want to be taller

    • admin

      Adam – You’ll be fine. Weight training does not stunt growth. Just make sure to use proper form and you’ll be fine.

  • vince

    hey I was wondering what would be ur optimum diet plan to use during this workout schedule… would u recommend fasting everyday 18 hours ….. or doing eatstopeat method using the ” eat like a model ” diet?

  • Mark Thomas

    Hi Greg,

    In your post “The Ultimate Fat Burning Workout”, you listed 6 HIIT variations.
    Which of those variations do you use during the “Get Sliced & Shredded” program?

  • Zack

    Would this be a good workout system for phase 3 of visual im

    • admin


      Yes it would. I adapted visual impact into this workout back in the summer.

  • dan

    Hi Greg

    Can you do cardio at seperate times from weights instead of straight after weight training ? and also is working your abs 6 days in a row counter productive?


    • Greg


      If you would prefer to do cardio at another time then that is fine. If your abs are getting too sore then you can do them only 3x per week.

  • Juga

    hey greg,
    i am 16 yaers old 5’8″ at 161lbs. with no six pack . i have about 10-20lbs left to lose. and only 5-20lbs dumbbells and a treadmill. so what would u say is the best way to lose my last 20lbs the fastest and get a six pack. thanks

    • Greg

      Hey Juga,

      It comes down to diet. I recommend you watch your calorie intake and aim for 500-700 calories under maintenance with 1-2 days of regular eating per week.

  • Khalil

    Hey Greg
    Is it good to use the “sliced and shredded” program and the “eat like a model diet” at the same time?

    • Greg


      The eat like a model diet is a very low calorie diet. I recommend adding 300-400 additional calories on top of that diet.

  • Greg

    Hey Greg, ive been recently doing your sliced and shredded workout. and it seems to really work your abs because mine are really sore. However, i feel like pec excercise on workout A isnt enough. Is it bad to do more then one excercise for a group that day. And also should i be drinking protein shakes after these workouts or be eating any certain way?

    • Greg


      You will be surprised at how little it takes to maintain muscle mass and strength.

  • Bob

    Hey Greg,
    What kind of diet do you recommend when using the sliced and shredded workout. I feel like i should eat something after i workout out or drink a protein shake? what do you recommend?

    • Greg


      For a fat burning cardio workout there is no need to eat right after. Just wait until you are hungry.

  • Gary

    How sore should I be the next day?

    • Greg


      You shouldn’t be too soar. The routines are pretty low volume so maybe slight soreness at first.

  • Oliver

    Hey chief,
    how should my diet look like?
    And should i use creatine afterwards to maximize the s.w.effect?

    Thanks ,

    • Greg


      No need for creatine during a cut. Eat 10-12 calories per pound of goal bodyweight daily. 1 gram of protein per pound of bodyweight. At-least 100 grams of carbs and make the rest up with fat. Incorporate high carb refeeds 1-2x per week.

  • Ed Franks

    Do you think i could use this as a replacement for visual impact phase 3 after doing your hollywood bulk routine for a few months?

    • Greg

      Yes, that would work quite well.

      • Ed Franks

        Thanks for replying :D I am already skinny , but with a small layer of fat on belly/waist… do you reckon i should do 2 months of the hollywood bulk and then 2 months of sliced and shredded then? :)

        • Greg

          Yes that would be an effective protocol.

  • kevin

    hey greg i love your kinobody workout exercises but can i know do this exercises help burn love handles fast?

    • Greg

      You need to diet and eat at a calorie deficit to lose fat.

  • steph

    Hi Creg, can i still practice IF while on this program? If yes, can i have a low calories day and then a 24h fast day? thanks

    • Greg

      Yes you can.

  • Skye

    Hey I don’t wanna get bigger and I keep hearing that density training will make my muscle appear smaller and harder will this workout do that if not do you have one that will ?

    • Greg

      It will help but really you need to lose fat. This is accomplished through dieting. When you get your body fat percentage to under 10% then you rarely hear about people complaining about not wanting to get their muscles too big.

  • Daniel Glassman

    I’ve got about 4 weeks left till my extended vacation in LA and I’m pretty lean but I really want to make that extra push. My body fat level is around (actually lower) than 10%. Like I said I’m pretty lean and rather skinny (5’10 and 158lbs) but I really want to make that extra push to get really cut up before I go away (think Tyler Durden). Will this workout routine help me get super shredded and display muscle tone while I’m on an extremely low carb diet (carb nite)?

    • Daniel Glassman

      Or what type of diet regimen would go best in conjuncture with this program? I’m really trying to make that push to around 6% bf

      • Greg

        It’s really whatever diet works best for you. What’s going to be very important is eating at a modest calorie deficit, think 20-25% below maintenance. Refeeds every fourth day or so.

    • Greg

      Yes, definitely!

  • Kristen

    Hello Greg! Hope you had a great weekend. I’m using this workout as “Phase 1” for the Shrink Wrap Effect. May I ask which of your workouts would you suggest to use as a “Phase 2”? Thank you so much! Have a great day!

  • Omar

    I am confused…as an experienced weightlifter (not a newbie to hitting the gym) do you recommend this workout, another one of your routines, or the kinobody warrior shredding program?! obviously all of them will work but which one do you believe is best to follow

    • Greg

      If you’re goal is to get lean I would suggest the kinobody warrior shredding program which will be released within the week.

      • Omar

        well i thought your warrior physique program was already available? my goal is to not lose my muscle just to get lower body fat while increasing already at like 9-11%. the only place id like more muscle is in my chest and legs and maybe shoulders since low reps dont really work with laterals and rear. as I looked on your DIY cutting guide it said to use the Kinobody MuscleBuilding Course as the workout routine. which of your programs do you recommend for me? sorry i just feel as if you have alot of great courses and am having trouble figuring out which one would go best with my specific goals because i would like to start one.

        • Greg

          Well if you want to focus more on the workouts you can do the muscle building course. If you wait another week you can get my new warrior shredding course. This will focus more on nutrition and cutting the fat and there will be a workout routine to follow as well.

  • Donald

    Sorry for all the typos, I was trying to ask, “What do you do for HITT if you have a “home gym” and do not own cardio specific machines?”


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    • Greg

      You can do some jump rope training at home and then go for a brisk walk or jog outside.

  • Justin

    Hello how are you?..I have been lifting on and off for years and recently purchased your greek god program. I am 5’8 184 pounds and about 18% bodyfat. Do you suggest doing this workout do get my weight to about 160-165 and do the greek god program?

    • Greg

      I’d go for the greek god program while getting your diet and nutrition dialled in. You’ll make better strength and muscle gains with the greek god course, even while dieting.

  • Justin

    Also should you try to increase the weight every week or every workout with this prgram?


  • Kaave K

    Hi Greg;
    I am a 46 year old male. Been following visual impact for about 8 months now, 3 1/2 months on phase III. Have lost 45 pounds from 222 to 177 and down to 14% body fat. Problem is that my strength gains and fat loss have slowed in the last 4 weeks even though it has not completely stopped.
    I have also been following your writings lately (rusty recommended you) and have changed my diet patern from the “eating window” to your recommendation.
    My question however is about the workouts, in this article you are recommending a 3 day split plus 3 days of cardio for 6 total days of gym but in another you are recommending a total of 3 days in the gym.
    I am sure they all work great but what would you recommend for a dedicated and determined 46 year old to get below 10% and “warrior” like ?
    Thank you in advance for all your great posts.

    • Greg

      This is a much older routine, I recommend my current articles! They are more effective.

  • Tevin

    HI Greg, im 5’10 @ 180 lbs I have 12.6 % body fat. I was 168 lbs about 3 months ago and then I decided to try to bulk up. Even though my strength has increased and muscle size has increased from doing your super hero muscle building program (which was great by the way). I have noticed that I am starting to get that fluffy look, which others have commented on also. So I sat back and thought about what kind of body do I want to build. I want to be muscular, yet lean and ripped. My first question is, is the super shredded program the best one for me to get down to decent weight while being lean and ripped, while gaining muscle, if not then what program will work the best?? Thanx for reading my long comment.

    I posted a link of a pic of one of the guys I work with, he has been trying to get me to work out with him, but we are both signed up to different gyms so that probably not going to happen. He is 6′ 1 and 206Lbs, and ripped like crazy without being bulky. By they way he says eat eats only one big meal a day at dinner, then he usually eats junk, even at work all he eats is a sandwich or hot pockets. Even though he runs track and does wrestling, which i don’t, what do you think I can do to get a body some what close to his body??

    • Greg

      Yes I would definitely recommend the warrior shredding program. That works like gangbusters. You’ll lean up nicely and your whole physique will look incredible.

      • Tevin