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Intermittent Fasting Stack: Increase the Benefits of Fasting

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Kinobody has paired up with UMZU to offer you the perfect supplement stack to help improve your experience with Intermittent Fasting.


  • Kino Octane - Take while fasting for added energy and appetite control
  • Kino Aminos - Take for fasted training, increased stamina, protein synthesis and appetite control 
  • UMZU Sensolin Blood Sugar Support - Improve mood, well-being and appetite control during your fast by regulating blood sugar
  • UMZU Total Bone Broth - Break your fast with broth to improve digestive health, weight loss and metabolism. Get 19g of protein for just 80 calories.

This stack is perfect for anyone who utilizes intermittent fasting to improve weight loss, hormonal levels and satisfaction. By taking this stack daily, you will find longer fasts easier and improve the benefits of fasting.

As always, we offer our 60-Day "Transform or It's Free" Money-Back Guarantee.