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Bodyweight Mastery Program with Shred Stack

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The Shred Stack is for those who are most committed to a transformation on the Bodyweight Mastery Program.

Let me be clear - you do not need the Shred Stack to see results on any Kinobody Program. That being said, you will never regret purchasing the Shred Stack. Here's why:

  1. Kino Octane and Kino Aminos are both powerful appetite suppressants, meaning you'll be more in control of when and how much you want to eat.
  2. By using Kino Aminos, you'll maximize the amount of muscle your body retains while dropping body fat.
  3. Kino Octane is micronutrient based. Each time you use Kino Octane, you become healthier and more naturally energetic. While other people on a cut are getting less and less energetic due to the calorie deficit, you will become more and more energetic throughout your cut.
  4. Kino Octane provides clean, smooth energy that will not put any additional stress on your hormonal function
  5. Kino Octane does not cause a crash as it wears off. For some, leaning down can be tiring. Kino Octane will never cause an additional burden on energy.
When you purchase the Bodyweight Mastery Program, you'll get instant access to:
  1. 24 Weeks of the Ideal Fat Loss and Muscle Gain Lifting Protocol
  2. The Perfect Calories and Macros to Support Your Transformation
  3. Intermittent Fasting Methods, Advanced Fat Loss and Muscle Gain Techniques and Bonuses
  4. An Exclusive Facebook Community of Over 25,000 Active, Positive Men and Women
On top of that, we are known for our fast shipping. Our warehouse team will have your Shred Stack shipped within 48 hours so you can begin feeling the powerful benefits as soon as possible.

A Proven Path to Success

Kinobody has been around since 2011. We have been listening, adapting and improving our products so that you can feel comfortable that you're getting top-notch quality.

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We decided to enter the supplement industry because we were tired of the BS. We will only ever offer you supplements that work.

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500,000 Transformations...

Kinobody programs boast industry-leading success rates. Our inboxes are full of success stories. Are you next?