The Lazy Ripped Dude

I workout two times per week… I do a little walking and I’m ripped.

I take my mojo and nitro...I eat my steak dinners with potatoes each night… My chocolate for dessert. And I wake up chiseled. I’m basically a lazy ripped dude.

I’ve cracked the code to looking incredible with minimal effort. There is a system and it works brilliantly.

If you’re ready to humble yourself, and unlearn almost everything you think you know about fitness. I can turn you from average and over worked to lazy and ripped like me.

When you wake up lean and strong and it’s easy AF to maintain. This is when you can move on with your life. Focus on other things… Dating, making more money, traveling and doing cool stuff.

Not being a beta boy...

The beta boys are in the gym all the time - dating the elliptical, pumping 45 lbs dumbbells on shoulder press and ordering chicken salads and protein shakes. They are average and overworked.They are cutting out their french fries and chocolate. Lifting my warm up sets and spending more time in the gym in a week than I spend in a month. I’d be pissed off if I was them.

If that’s you.. I’m not sorry. I want you to get angry. There is a much better way that requires minimal effort.






There is a method to the madness. If you follow a few key steps I can turn your body into a lazy fat burning and muscle building machine.

Here’s what it takes to be a lazy ripped dude…


Being lean really just requires that you consume the correct amount of calories and protein. You can do this easily while being a lazy ripped dude. Skip breakfast, fast for the first five hours of the day.. Eat a moderate sized lunch, a big dinner and a little dessert at night.

If your body is getting the correct amount of protein and calories your body will have no choice to melt off the fat. Even if you’re eating french fries and chocolate.

If you know what you’re doing you can make it feel like you are eating A TON even though you’re in a perfect calorie deficit. And no, you don’t have to use myfitnesspal and weigh your broccoli. You just need to follow a few simple rules.


Two strategic lifts per week. Each workout is hard hitting. Focused on improving strength on key lifts that support a movie star worthy physique. If you increase strength on key lifts like incline presses, shoulder presses, weighted chin ups and bulgarian split squats - you will build an awesome physique. In fact, the stronger you are on key lifts relative to your bodyweight, the better you will look. We’ll be utilizing key strategies like reverse pyramid training, rest pause training and exercise rotation to produce hard hitting results in just two workouts per week.

Now make no mistake, you must push yourself and apply deep effort and focus and track your weight and reps. There’s no room to be a beta boy - lifting light weights while thinking about what your third text is going to be to the girl that ghosted you.


If you want to turn yourself into a fat burning machine you do not need to date the elliptical. You just need to walk. The more you walk the more you turn into a fat burning machine. Walking burns moderate calories without spiking hunger or impairing recovery. This means you can effortlessly induce fat loss. 10,000 steps per day is a good start. 12,000+ is fat burning machine territory.

Walking is productive too. You can walk with a friend, listen to a podcast or audiobook, take business or work calls… You can walk with a hott date or girlfriend. Or explore cool areas of your city. Humans are meant to walk. Not walking at-least 10,000 steps daily is a mistake.


You must dial in free testosterone levels naturally. Lets face it, when your body is blessed with naturally high levels of free testosterone, everything you do is imbued with more power and ease. You touch weights and you get stronger.. You eat at a calorie deficit and the fat melts off and rippling muscle is revealed.

Unfortunately, these days men's testosterone levels have been crumbling. Endocrine disruptors and estrogen mimicking compounds are everywhere. This ruins your body's chance of having high testosterone. That said, there’s a few key steps and supplements that can solve for this. And restore your free testosterone levels to where they should be. The result is more energy, better sleep, better muscle gains and a leaner, stronger, harder physique. Plus more ambition and a higher sexual appetite.


Quality Sleep and Vitamin D. People think about training and transforming and they think largely of exercise and nutrition. But to be a lazy ripped dude and get incredible results you must get quality sleep and optimize vitamin D status.

This is when your hormones are optimized fully, energy levels are higher and your body's ability to gain muscle and drop fat is improved substantially. Have you ever been on a vacation - slept like a baby and spent time in the sun and noticed how much better you feel. Contrast this to sleeping subpar and being inside all day with little to no vitamin D.

You’re basically screwed.

When you can dial in sleep with a few critical steps, and optimize vitamin D status - becoming a lazy ripped dude is easier than ever before.


The shrink wrap phase. If you want to look like you walked off the movie screen we need to do one final step. After 8 weeks of two workouts per week, we’ll be doing a month of three workouts per week and double the volume. This is not necessary but if you want to have skin tightening muscle pumps and look insane - this will result in a shrink wrap phase. After doing 8 weeks of low volume your body is primed to gain quick muscle size with higher volume.

Introducing the

Two Day Shred

I’ve outlined a full blown system for you to follow and it works like an absolute charm.

This is exactly what I do.

Two months of the two day system. Followed by one month of three days and a little extra volume. Now as much as I’d love to charge you for this program, I’m not going to.

It’s going to be absolutely free, along with a little lazy ripped dude community…

You see, to maximize results on this system we need to dial in your free testosterone levels and enhance blood flow.

This is where the Mojo Stack comes in.

With an 8 week supply of the mojo stack the program and community is absolutely free.

So you have two options... Continue being a beta boy. Or you can become a lazy ripped dude.

You follow a hard hitting 2 day system. Elevate your free testosterone levels, Enhance your blood flow and maximize your vitamin D status and transform with just two workouts per week.. A little walk, a little fast and epic feasts every single day.

FOUR Supplements to help you

get shredded with minimal effort

The Mojo Stack combines four of our most popular and powerful supplements to help you become unstoppable.

Kino Mojo

Kino Mojo is our best-selling, all-natural supplement designed to optimize your testosterone and power you up with more ambition, better bedroom performance, less fat, more muscle, and a higher quality of life.

ZINC - A crucial component of testosterone production that most men aren’t getting enough of. Zinc increases free testosterone and improves the immune system.

MAGNESIUM - Increases testosterone levels and helps improve insulin production. Most men are deficient, which can hinder muscle production.

BORON - Decreases estrogen and increases free testosterone. Boron also helps fight estrogenic compound exposure.

TONGKAT ALI - Significantly raises free and total T. Also has strong anti-estrogen effects. Changes can be seen and felt as quickly as 1-2 weeks and will continue to improve for months.

FORSKOHLII - A Chinese herb that increases testosterone and lowers inflammation. It also assists in fat loss.


Kino Nitro is an all-natural supplement designed to boost blood flow, helping you look & feel younger and unlock your true capabilities in the bedroom.

PINE BARK EXTRACT - Improves blood flow, stimulates the immune system, and has antioxidant effects. Studies have shown it’s a natural cure for ED, with results as high as 92.5%!

GRAPE SEED EXTRACT - Antioxidant-rich and protects the heart and cardiovascular system. Protects against UV damage and premature skin aging.

VITAMIN C - Boosts blood flow and protects the immune system. Also helps in the production of collagen, which can improve and protect your skin.

GARLIC EXTRACT - Improves circulation and blood flow while lowering blood pressure. Additionally, it assists in safe and effective workouts.

NIACIN - Protects the nervous system, digestive system, and skin. It boosts good cholesterol levels and reduces triglycerides. May also have good mental health benefits.

ARUGULA EXTRACT - The high level of nitrates helps improve blood flow, exercise performance, and vascular health.


A pre-workout designed to give you smooth energy, clear focus, incredible pumps, and improved

L-CITRULLINE - Increases protein synthesis, boosts nitric oxide production, protects muscles from inflammation and increases oxygen uptake.

THIAMIN - Vital for metabolism, boosts the immune system, supports brain function and helps digestions.

BIOTIN - Supports metabolism, regulates blood sugar, helps in lowering cholesterol, improves skin health.

SIBERIAN GINSENG ROOT EXTRACT - Boosts the immune system, improves athletic performance, helps in regulating blood pressure and helps fight fatigue.

NATURAL CAFFEINE ANHYDROUS - Heightens alertness, promotes thermogenesis, sustained energy to crush workouts, increases focus and concentration.

L-THEANINE - Promotes a calm and relaxed state, improves mental focus when combined with caffeine, reduces vasoconstriction, improves mood and cognitive performance.


The benefits of whey protein without any of the digestive side effects. With Kino Collagen you’ll promote lean muscles, promote healthy joints and hair, support clear skin, and promote fullness.

PASTURE RAISED COLLAGEN - Boosts muscle mass, improves muscle recovery, may help in improving metabolism, and promotes heart health.

MCT POWDER - Instant source of energy, may help control blood sugar levels, promotes weight loss, and helps protect your heart health.

BOVINE GELATIN HYDROLYSLATE - Helps counter lower collagen levels, may decrease visible signs of aging and improves skin health.

Lazy Ripped Program
Lazy Ripped Program



Full Blown Lazy Ripped Program. Two day training system + 3 day shrink wrap protocol. Lazy Ripped community. 


           WRAP PHASE
Lazy Ripped
Lazy Ripped



Full Blown Lazy Ripped Program. Two day training system + 3 day shrink wrap protocol. Lazy Ripped community. 8 week supply of Kino Mojo and Kino Nitro.


  • Mojo and Nitro (8 week
  • Lazy Ripped 2 Day Program
  • Lazy Ripped Shrink Wrap
  • Lazy Ripped Nutrition
  • Plus - In-depth video
  • Plus - Lazy Ripped Community
Lazy Ripped + Collagen & Octane
Lazy Ripped + Collagen & Octane



Full Blown Lazy Ripped Program. Two day training system + 3 day shrink wrap protocol. Lazy Ripped community. 8 week supply of Kino Mojo, Kino Nitro + Kino Octane & Kino Collagen


  • Mojo and Nitro (8 week
  • Octane and Collagen (8
            week supply)
  • Lazy Ripped 2 Day Program
  • Lazy Ripped Shrink Wrap
            Phase Lazy
  • Ripped Nutrition Protocol
  • Plus - In-depth video
  • Plus - Lazy Ripped Community

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