My Visual Impact Transformation

What is Visual Impact Muscle Building?

Visual Impact Muscle Building is a workout program designed to build pure muscle strategically without gaining any fat. This program has 3 phases lasting 2 months each. In addition there is a bonus phase which is pretty cutting edge.

  • Phase one focuses on rapid muscle growth to the areas that need it most
  • Phase two focuses on a hybrid of muscle growth and muscle density training
  • Phase three focuses on pure muscle density training in addition to intense fat loss workouts – this is gonna reveal insane muscle tone

This approach is completely different than any other bodybuilding workout program out there. The idea here isn’t too build as much muscle mass as possible like most bodybuilding programs. Instead the idea is to build muscle in a way that really enhances your physique.

Who is the Author?

Rusty Moore is the author of visual impact muscle building. He runs a hugely popular site called Fitness Blackbook which is targeted towards building the lean and fit hollywood physique.

Who is Visual Impact For?

Visual Impact is for guys who want to build a lean, fit and muscular physique. It doesn’t matter if your skinny and need to add muscle or if your bulky and you need to burn fat and increase muscle definition. All that means is that you’ll start at different phases. On a side note – Phase three is the best fat loss / muscle toning routine I have ever followed. It enabled me to lose several pounds of fat per week while maintaining all of my muscle and increasing my strength. In fact I believe every mixed martial artist, boxer or wrestler should utilize phase 3 to cut weight for an event.

What did I like About Visual Impact Muscle Building?

Visual Impact is written by Rusty Moore, a fitness expert who actually gets it. He understands that people would rather look like a lean Hollywood action star or underwear model than a bulky, pumped up bodybuilder. The workout programs are tailored exactly to give your physique the biggest visual impact (hence the name). If you gain 10 pounds of muscle on visual impact you can be damn sure you are going to look 10x better. I can’t say that about any other workout program. The visual impact program is one that will really enhance your life. You don’t have to obsess over eating 6-8x per day, taking 10 different supplements or worrying about losing muscle if you go on a weekend get-away with your friends. A lot of guys don’t want to go traveling with their friends because they are worried they will lose muscle. What’s the point of working out and being fit and healthy if you can’t enjoy yourself?

The bonus phase is really cool too. It explains how to shrink wrap your skin over your muscles to make yourself look extra defined. I haven’t even heard about this little trick UNTIL reading the book and now I use this all the time to get ready for photo shoots. Really makes you stand out against other models. Here is a video of me after completing the shrink wrap phase.

What didn’t I like about visual impact muscle building?

For $47 visual impact has amazing value. But if I had to choose one thing that I felt was missing it would have to be more workouts. This isn’t so much of a problem for me because I can customize my workouts myself. I know the most effective exercises for building the perfect body and I know how to properly implement them into a workout plan that will provide results fast. However for most people out there they really don’t know that much about program design.

Now I decided that Visual Impact Muscle Building has way TOO much value to throw away because of a lack of workout routines. So that is why I decided to create 16 weeks worth of workouts that will really transform your physique to a whole new level. The workouts are especially customized to pack on solid muscle to the areas that need it most using the exact same principles from visual impact muscle building.

So all you have to do is purchase the program through one of the links on my website and send an email to me at Title the email, “Visual Impact” and attach your recipt to the email. I will then send you the 16 weeks of additional workouts for free.


I strongly recommend Visual Impact Muscle Building for anyone that wants to build muscle in the most visually stunning way possible.