Courses For Men:

Kinobody is about achieving extreme physical excellence in aesthetics, strength and fitness.

When I say "aesthetics", I'm not referring to the puffy, round and curvy physique of bodybuilders. Rather, I'm talking about a hard, dense and angular physique with broad, thick shoulders and upper back muscles, masculine square chest, rock hard arms, taut waist and athletic legs.

However, even this detailed description allows room for different builds. In fact, as my physique has improved and I've built strength in the gym, my body has shifted in size and development.

This has encouraged me to classify the three different types of Kinobody physiques. These include the Warrior, Greek God and Superhero build. With each physique there is an emphasis on aesthetic proportions, leanness and functional strength.

The difference between the three classes is the level of muscle development attained. With proper, tailored nutrition intake and a well designed strength training program, you can achieve any of these physiques.

Let’s take a look at each class individually:


Stage #1:
The "Warrior" Physique

The Warrior Physique development is characterized by lean, compact musculature and incredible definition. This is the lean "wiry" look of Henry Cavill from Immortals.

(Note: If you have any fat to lose, this is where you'll want to start for leaning down and revealing incredible muscle tone.)

If this is the physique type you want to build or you want to focus first on leaning down for awesome muscle definition, then the Warrior Shredding Program is for you.
Click here to check out the Warrior Shredding Program



Stage #2:
The "Greek God" Physique

The Greek God Physique development is characterized by dense, proportionate muscle mass while maintaining a solid level of definition. This is the look of Brad Pitt in Troy, or Stephen Amell in Arrow.

If this is the physique type you want to build, then the Greek God Program is for you.
Click here to check out the Greek God Program




Stage #3:
The "Superhero" Physique

This is an advanced program that is designed for people that have gone through my Greek God Program and have built an impressive amount of strength and muscle and want to add the last 7-10 lbs of muscle to achieve the Superhero physique. Don't follow this program until you've gone through Greek God.

If this is the physique type you want to build, then the Superhero Bulking Program is for you.
Click here to check out the Superhero Bulking Program

Courses For Women:

The above courses are the programs to follow if you're after a specific level of physique development (which coincides with my philosophy on fitness). They're all inherently designed for men, though.

That said, I've recently created an entire approach for women, detailing how to get that lean, toned and sexy look.

The Goddess Toning Program

The Goddess Toning Program is my full-blown course geared towards women.

The idea is simple: slim down to a low body fat while developing great-looking shape and muscle tone. Think of Jessica Biel or Scarlet Johansson for great Hollywood examples of the body we're aiming for here.

The main motif of the program is to make fat loss as enjoyable as possible so you never have to search for the "next diet program" again. You'll also learn how to develop the perfect amount of muscle that looks sexy - NOT overdone.

In short, this is the program that you always wish existed, but didn't. Until now, that is.
Click here to check out the Goddess Toning Program

For Maximum Fat Loss:

Aggressive Fat Loss (v2.0)

If your main priority is to accelerate fat loss then this program is for you. It's similar to my Warrior Shredding Program, but we're going to be using more "aggressive" strategies to push fat loss into high gear.

You won't be building much muscle on this program, but you'll notice that as you slice off the fat, you will reveal pretty remarkable definition.

If you have a lot of fat to lose, or simply want to lean up really quickly (7-10 pounds of fat per month), then this is your program.
Click here to check out the Aggressive Fat Loss Program



When I set out to create a cookbook, I wanted to create something different. Something that would help men and women achieve their physique goals - whether to lose fat or build muscle. The result: KinoChef.

KinoChef is designed to work hand in hand with my programs. Every meal is crafted with optimal macro ratios to best support training, hormonal balance and a great physique. The meals are designed to be simple to make (thank god), yet absolutely delicious and downright filling. There's really nothing like it. Plus I provide the macros for all the recipes and even how to set up your meal plan for moderate fat loss, aggressive fat loss or muscle building. Learning how to cook great meals that support your goals is a key to achieving your dream physique. 

If you want a cookbook full of delicious, satiating and easy-to-cook meals perfectly designed to fit into any of my programs, then KinoChef is for you.
Click here to check out the KinoChef cookbook.


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