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Study Stack: Improve Focus, Memory & Cognitive Function

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Kinobody has paired up with UMZU to offer you the perfect supplement stack to get your brain fully engaged for a big day.


    • Kino Octane - Clean, Smooth Energy and Focus. We've received a review claiming that Kino Octane helped raise an ACT score and land a huge scholarship! No joke.
    • UMZU Choline Nervous System Support - Choline has been shown in research to improve alertness, reaction time, memory and cognitive function.
    • UMZU Dopa Mucuna Brain Support - Dopa Mucuna has been shown in research to lower stress and improve cognitive function.
    • UMZU Cortigon Natural Stress Reducer - Reduce feelings of stress and anxiety, improve mood and focus, and support brain function.

This stack is perfect for anyone who wants to take action to increase their cognitive function. Kinobody is a lifestyle. Build your body to increase your confidence and build your brain to take on the world.

As always, we offer our 60-Day "Transform or It's Free" Money-Back Guarantee.

A Proven Path to Success

Kinobody has been around since 2011. We have been listening, adapting and improving our products so that you can feel comfortable that you're getting top-notch quality.

Premium, Research-Backed Supplements

We decided to enter the supplement industry because we were tired of the BS. We will only ever offer you supplements that work.

"Transform or It's Free" Guarantee

Love your experience with Kinobody or we'll make it right. We've been called insane for doing this, but purchase any product with us and get a 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

500,000 Transformations...

Kinobody programs boast industry-leading success rates. Our inboxes are full of success stories. Are you next?