Kino Aminos: Improve Muscle Retention & Lean Muscle Gain
Kino Aminos: Improve Muscle Retention & Lean Muscle Gain
Kino Aminos: Improve Muscle Retention & Lean Muscle Gain
Kino Aminos: Improve Muscle Retention & Lean Muscle Gain
Kino Aminos: Improve Muscle Retention & Lean Muscle Gain
Kino Aminos: Improve Muscle Retention & Lean Muscle Gain

Kino Aminos: Improve Muscle Retention & Lean Muscle Gain

165 reviews

Kino Aminos support your body’s ability to grow and maintain muscle. The EAAs in Kino Aminos have also been shown in peer-reviewed research to decrease muscle soreness, reduce exercise-related fatigue, and improve recovery, which altogether may lead to:

  • Improved ability to build lean muscle
  • Better workouts and higher stamina
  • More weight lifted for Personal Records
  • Busting through plateaus

If you train fasted, Kino Aminos will be an awesome tool for your training and recovery arsenal.†

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Get All The Well-Known Benefits of all Branched-Chain and Essential Amino Acids along with HMB packed into one convenient supplement designed for fasted training. 

  • Leucine (5,000mg) Leucine is able to increases strength output, enhance recovery, and increase protein synthesis. In one study, jut 4g of leucine taken on a daily basis for 12 weeks was shown to dramatically increase “significantly higher gains” in strength and muscle growth along with weight training. BCAAs like leucine have also been shown to activate key muscle recovery enzymes in humans. BCAAs like leucine have been shown in the research to upregulate protein synthesis including improves directly in the muscle tissue.
  • Calcium HMB Monohydrate (1,000mg) Calcium Hydroxy Methylbutyrate Monohydrate Is able to help to increase lean mass, increase strength, decrease fat mass, and help to reduce muscle damage. HMB has been demonstrated to effectively and quickly increase strength and muscle gains during progressive strength training in both young and older subjects. It’s been found to lower fat mass, improve strength and muscle tissue, while also improving muscle recovery and lowering training fatigue. In this study on volleyball players, HMB supplementation was proven to increase gains in muscle mass, muscle strength and anaerobic output. HMB supplementation has also been shown to improve isometric and isokinetic torque outputs.
  • L-Isoleucine (1,000mg) Isoleucine is able to support anabolism, support glucose uptake into the cell, and increase ATP availability within the body. Isoleucine has shown improvements in human capacity to properly metabolize glucose. This results in the improvement of the availability of ATP for the muscle, which can fuel better workouts, especially when training fasted. 
  • L-Valine (1,000mg) Valine helps to support glycogen repletion, support anabolism, and reduces viral load of Hepatitis (inflammation of the liver). Studies have shown a similar glucose-aid ability of Valine to Isoleucine, along with improving liver function in humans. 

mix each scoop with 8-10 ounces of water and consume 15-30 minutes before training. On rest days take one scoop before your first meal.

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United States United States

Clean and effective energy

This kino octane taste is really intoxicating to my taste buds that it reminds me of the taste of an actual strawberry margarita I have in Mexico these days. Also, as I take it, I can feel a little bit of energy in my head and sometimes in my body. Enough to keep me more motivated in my workouts and other activities I do. I feel like no other pre workout supplement I took from grocery stores give me that type of energy.

Johnathan C.
Australia Australia

Unreal product!

Tastes awesome and my muscles feel replenished

United States United States

Morning workouts

Overall a great experience. Stirs up rather quickly and easily. Great for those intense morning workouts and even cardio and non strength training days.

United States United States

Great Stuff!!

Using a combo of the Octane pre-workout, Kino Aminos, and Sleep. Great results. Definitely will re-order!

Leigh T.
Canada Canada

Kino aminos

Iv used other products and I always go back to kino products. The only time I'm ever using other products over the past 4 years is when shipments are late