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The Shred Stack: Improve Fat Loss & Muscle Retention While Cutting

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The Shred Stack is the perfect companion stack for anyone who is trying to lose weight and improve performance in a calorie deficit.


    • Kino Octane - Clean, Smooth Energy and Focus. Most people sacrifice gym performance on a calorie deficit. Keep performance strong and energy high with Kino Octane.
    • Kino Aminos - Suppress appetite, improve fasted training, speed up recovery and reduce exercise-related fatigue.

Both supplements work synergistically to take your performance in a calorie deficit to the next level. Take both 20 minutes before your workout to feel a burst of energy, stamina and power. The Shred Stack prevents muscle breakdown, triggers protein synthesis and improves your body's ability to burn fat and build muscle.

As always, we offer our 60-Day "Transform or It's Free" Money-Back Guarantee.