Intermittent Fasting Tips for Lean Bulking

Intermittent fasting is often believed to be only applicable for weight loss. Did you know, though, that it also goes hand-in-hand with lean bulking? This contradicts conventional wisdom in bodybuilding circles where prolonged periods without eating will cause your muscles to shrivel to the size of prunes. We encourage you to continue to fast even…

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Should You Bulk Up or Lose Fat First?

Achieving your dream physique is about acquiring muscle and dropping body fat. One without the other doesn’t really give you a complete look and leaves more to be desired when seeing yourself in the mirror. Since you want more muscle and less fat, this begs the question: Is it better to bulk up or lose…

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How to Get Back In Shape After A Layoff: How Much Muscle Can You Lose?

Sometimes, we’re forced to take a step back from training. Most often, this is due to injury or tweaking a muscle. This means a few weeks and potentially even a few months without picking up a weight. This can be disheartening as you see your hard-earned muscles begin to wane. You also miss out on…

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Hotel Workout and Dieting: How to Build Muscle and Lose Fat While Travelling

How do you maintain a lean and mean physique when on the road? A vacation or business trip can certainly complicate matters due to lack of access to exercise equipment or quality food options. On top of that, your normal schedule may be thrown out of whack. Nevertheless, a high-quality hotel workout is possible, as…

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The Top Three Muscle Groups To Workout To Look More Attractive

What distinguishes a Calvin Klein model from the average Joe? Contrary to popular belief, the defining highlights of a sexy man aren’t the dreamy face, washboard abs, and pythons for arms. Those features certainly matter, but they’re actually secondary factors. What, then, are the best muscle groups to workout? Which exercises develop the body type…

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How To Gain Muscle If Youre Skinny Ectomorph

Learn How To Gain Muscle If You’re Skinny

Kinobody welcomes guest author, Trent McCloskey who, despite always struggling to gain muscle and strength, took his physique to astonishing heights while staying chiseled to the bone! Currently, he is running his own site, + YouTube Channel and I wanted him to share some of his insights on how to gain muscle if you’re skinny with…

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Avoid Full Press Lockout For More Muscle Growth

Lately, I’ve been getting a lot of question around why I don’t go to full press lockout on exercises such as incline bench press and standing shoulder press. Does this mean I’m not doing the exercises properly? Maybe I’m not strong enough for the weight I’m using? In this article, I wanted to explain exactly…

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Learn how to build strength by microloading

How To Build Strength With Microloading

  As you can see from the video above, I have built up to an elite level of strength. And I wanted to share with you my secret weapon how to build strength: Microplates. The fact of the matter is, to build an incredible physique, you need to become very strong. Typically, the best natural…

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