Get Big With the Kinobody Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson Workout Regimen

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Fast Track To A Hollywood Physique Guide!

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Two hulking badasses — Luke Hobbs and Deckard Shaw — shine on the big screen this summer in the latest mystery/action film “‘Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw.” In this “Fast and Furious” spinoff, nemeses turned partners come together in this action-packed film to take down a cyber-genetically enhanced anarchist. The bigger one of the duo, Hobbs, is played by none other than Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, a.k.a. the brawn of the movie industry.

Everyone and their neighbor knows Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. He is arguably the most prominent celebrity in the world and his presence is huge (both literally and figuratively). Rising to fame as a WWE star, he’s now the poster child (poster beast) of what an action star is.

If you want to gain even a sprinkle of this guy’s muscles, you’ll want to keep reading.

In “Hobbs & Shaw,” Johnson (Hobbs) portrays a lawman who ironically breaks all the rules of gaining muscle. This man is stacking muscle on top of muscle. He has a well-developed upper chest, absolutely massive deltoids and humongous arms.

To be eminent in the movie industry as an action star, there’s no question you need to build a physique that will emulate a strong visual presence. The Rock does this via honing in on his upper chest, biceps and shoulders.

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How Big Is Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson?

No surprise, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson stands at a lofty 6 feet 5 inches tall and weighs a colossal amount at 260 pounds. Crazy enough, he stays fairly lean, only sitting at 10-12 percent body fat.

If you know anything about The Rock’s diet, then you know this guy eats like a horse. Multiple sources link him to digging into over 5,000 calories over the course of seven large meals per day.

Boy, do I wish I could eat this much food without blowing up like a blimp.

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Dialed in & hit the mark. 260lbs of attitude & classy cuss words. After 18 weeks of disciplined diet & intense training, here’s where I landed my carcass for shooting my FAST & FURIOUS spin-off HOBBS & SHAW. Always room for improvements, but not too bad for a scarred up surgically repaired Brahma Bull who’s injuries always tell the story. Huge THANKS to my strength and conditioning coach @daverienzi for his masterful strategies that’s constantly shifting daily based on how I’m looking/feeling to achieve our goals. THANKS to EVERYONE in my inner circle (including the NASA scientists 😉) who support the big picture – my diet, training, health & wellness, balance, consistency and execution. Finally, THANKS TO ALL THE FANS. My people out there worldwide 🌎 who buy into our grind belief and my philosophy that payin’ our dues is owed on a daily basis. Thanks for rockin’ with me — let’s have some fun and take this HOBBS & SHAW franchise to the next level. #HardestWorkerInTheRoom #Hobbs #NightlyTequilaDrinker 🥃

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The Rock states he trains intensely, with a disciplined diet (some cheat meals ranging from pancakes to hotdogs and cookies) for 18 weeks to prepare for his role as Hobbs. (However, with the Kinobody approach, you don’t need to have cheat meals; your lifestyle should be both enjoyable and effective!)

What’s fascinating about Johnson is that he maintains his action star physique year-round, not just for “Hobbs & Shaw.” That’s pretty amazing considering the mass he wields. He wakes up at 4 a.m. every day to do this. (Maybe that’s why I don’t look like him; I need my beauty sleep!)

Even if you don’t wake up at the butt crack of dawn and chow down like a monster, you can still achieve something similar to The Rock’s physique. And we’re gonna show you how…

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Key Characteristics of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s Physique

The movie industry uses a lot of effects to display the flawless features of celebrities, but The Rock’s physique is one that filters, camera angles and lighting hardly make any difference.

This is because of the insane amount of muscle mass he has. Most celebrities don’t have much muscle mass; they just have a little muscle and maintain low body fat while relying heavily on the Hollywood effects to make them look bigger than they actually are. But when you have a lot of muscle mass and stay fairly lean, then you’ll look big no matter what.

Now, you need to build muscle in the right areas of the body to create this look. There’s no doubt that Johnson has added muscle to the proper areas to create this dominant presence on and off the screen. Sculpting the upper chest, back and shoulders creates a masculine physique. The Rock clearly has this dialed in, and an alpha aura follows him wherever he goes. You can do this, too!

The beauty of The Rock’s physique is that you can develop these same characteristics through the Superhero Bulking Program. With this program, you can create a prodigious physique with profuse muscle and no need for Instagram filters. (Sorry, IG models.)

This course rallies behind building up the upper chest, deltoids and arms through key movements such as the incline bench press, standing barbell press and barbell curls.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s Workout Routine

According to “Gaspari Nutrition,” The Rock trains six days a week with a lot of volume and mixes it up between cardio and a split weightlifting routine. He starts his day with a 30- to 50-minute run, eats breakfast and then dives into clangin’ and bangin’ the weights. The problem with this workout protocol is that it’s only worthwhile for a celebrity who gets paid millions of dollars to devote their life to the gym.

As common people, we need a smarter, more efficient approach. One that will give us results while allowing us the time and freedom to live our own life. That’s where the Superhero Bulking Program comes into play.

So this may not be the exact routine The Rock follows, but it’s the best program you’ll find to get big like The Rock without throwing your dreams and aspirations and social life out the window.

With the Superhero Bulking Program, you’ll hit your upper chest with incline bench press, your shoulders with the standing barbell press and your arms with barbell curls. When targeting these muscles, you will go through different phases to emphasize specific muscle groups while only training each muscle group once a week.

The magic in this split routine is that it allows you to train just three days per week. This is great for recovery since your central nervous system needs at least 48 hours to recover between rigorous weightlifting sessions. Also, this schedule will build you the dense and blown-up muscle of The Rock while still allowing you to live life without spending hours in the gym like a celebrity.

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Getting bigger

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Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s Workout Schedule

Monday: Heavy Chest Training

  • Incline Barbell Press: 2 sets x 4-6, 6-8 reps (reverse pyramid training)
  • Flat Barbell Bench Press: 2 sets x 4-6, 6-8 reps (reverse pyramid training)
  • Cable Curls: 1 set x 12-15 reps + 4 sets x 3-5 reps (rest-pause training)
  • Cable Rope Pushdowns: 1 set x 12-15 reps + 4 sets x 3-5 reps (rest-pause training)
  • Bent-Over Flies: 3 sets x 10-15 reps (straight sets)

Wednesday: Lower Body and Abs

  • Squats (or Pistol Squats): 3 sets x 4-6, 6-8, 8-10 reps (reverse pyramid training)
  • Romanian Deadlifts: 3 sets x 6-8, 8-10, 10-12 reps (reverse pyramid training)
  • Calf Raises: 3 sets x 10-15 reps (straight sets)
  • Hanging Leg Raises: 3 sets x 10-15 reps (straight sets)
  • Ab Wheel Rollouts: 3 sets x 10-15 reps (straight sets)

Friday: Shoulder and Back Emphasis

  • Standing Barbell Press: 2 sets x 4-6, 6-8 reps (reverse pyramid training)
  • Weighted Pullups: 2 sets x 4-6, 6-8 reps (reverse pyramid training)
  • Skull Crushers: 3 sets x 6-8, 8-10, 10-12 reps (reverse pyramid training)
  • Barbell Curls: 3 sets x 4-6, 6-8, 8-10 reps (reverse pyramid training)
  • Hammer Curls: 3 sets x 4-6, 6-8, 8-10 reps (reverse pyramid training)
  • Lateral Raises: 3 sets x 10-15 reps (straight sets)

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson Workout Notes

  • Reverse pyramid training: Start your first set with the heaviest weight and lowest reps. Then, drop the weight in each subsequent set by 10-15 percent and increasing the number of reps by a couple of reps.
  • Standard pyramid training: Start your first set with the lightest weight and highest reps. Then, increase the weight and reduce the reps in each subsequent set.
  • Rest-pause training: Start your first set with 12-15 reps, then add 4 more mini-sets of 3-5 reps with only 15-20 seconds’ rest between sets.
  • Straight sets: Use the same weight for all prescribed sets and reps.

You’ll rest three minutes between sets on reverse pyramid training. You will need longer rest periods with RPT because this is where you build the dense muscle via strength training. Strength training requires longer rest periods.

Supplements For The Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s Physique

The Rock is definitely taking supplements to prime his body for workouts. Although you’ll only be training three days a week, the volume on the Superhero Bulking Program is a lot compared to other Kinobody courses. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you take Kino Aminos to prep your body for what’s to come.

Kino Aminos is the best Kinobody supplement for this program. Since the volume will be higher, expect an increase in muscle fatigue and soreness. Don’t fret. With Kino Aminos, you’ll reduce muscle soreness, reduce fatigue and improve recovery.

Nutrition is paramount for building an enormous amount of muscle. If you’re wondering how many calories and macros you should be eating, it’s covered in detail in the Superhero Bulking Program.

There you go, my friends! That’s all it takes to look like The Rock. Just some Superhero Bulk training, Kino Aminos and screaming, “Can you smell what The Rock is cooking!?!?”

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Terry is an avid Kino Octane user. As a trainer and writer, he loves changing lives through his coaching and written words. He resides in Texas and enjoys writing, training, sports, reading, and movies.


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