Intense Full Body Weighted Plate Workout that will Melt Away Body Fat

Benefits of Interval Training

Interval Training is huge these days! It seems like everyone is switching from boring steady state cardio to the more fun, more intense interval training. Interval training has so many benefits that you’d be crazy not to do it! Benefits include:

  • Elevates Your Metabolism
  • Boosts HGH Levels
  • Reduces Appetite/Cravings
  • Releases Stored Fat Cells into the Bloodstream to be burned for energy
  • Gets you into killer shape
Now when it comes to intervals most people stick to cardio equipment. This is a great way to perform intervals but it’s not the only way. In fact one of my favorite ways to perform intervals is with weights. These are called Resistance Intervals. You can do them with barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells or even a weighted plate. Check out one of my favorite resistance interval routines with a weighted plate. 


Weighted Plate Circuit:

Overhead Squats x 8 reps

Swings x 10 reps

One arm Rows x 10 reps

Reverse Lunges with a Twist x 10 reps total (5 per side)

Diagonal Press: x 8 reps per side

rest 30-90 seconds and complete for a total of 5 sets.


Start with a 25 lbs plate and eventually build up to a heavier 35 lbs plate. Move from one exercise to the next exercise without resting and without putting the plate down.

When to Perform this Workout?

This workout can either be performed at the end of your regular strength workout or it can be performed as its own workout followed by 15-20 minutes of steady state cardio to burn off additional free fatty acids.

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25 responses to “Intense Full Body Weighted Plate Workout that will Melt Away Body Fat

  1. Great vid man… So I’m doing the “Visual impact” and am currently on phase II … Would you recommend doing this routine certain days in place of the HIIT that is mentioned? Would it achieve the same results? Thanks!

  2. Hey Greg

    It’s ok if i will use the sliced and shredded program for 4 weks along with a good diet and then 2-3 weeks of pump workout and then again the sliced and shredded program ?

  3. Excellent idea of using a weight plate!
    I never thought of it before and it was right in front of me. Next time instead of looking for a kettle-bell or dumbbell I’ll grab one of these fellas.
    Very good video showing how to use great form with flexibility.

  4. Would there be any point in doing this after a workout designed for mass building. Because I want to build some muscle and I’m wondering if I should just focus on that or try to get lean at the same time. Or is that even possible?

    1. Focus on one goal at a time. With that being said this workout won’t interfere with your mass gain goals. But you can just save it for when you want to get shredded.

  5. Hey Greg! Its me again, I’m loving your videos! quick question, does this workout plan look good: Im gonna do 15-20 minutes of intervals running and resting, and then 15 minutes of low intensity cardio on one day, and then the next do this workout ^ and then 15 minutes of low intensity cardio aswell? alternating every other day but sunday.

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