Workout & Still Look Stylish

A few years ago before I even heard about Rusty Moore of FitnessBlackbook and Visual Impact Muscle Building I was obsessed with putting on muscle size. It never occurred to me that there was such thing as too much muscle. As I put on more bulk I slowly began to ruin my physique and my look. My stomach became more prominent, my legs and butt became too big and my face started to look a lot less angular.

My bulky days

You see when I first got into working out I was a slim teenager. As I put on muscle my body began to look awesome and I got the desired male model type body.

6 percent body fat

(15 years old and skinny in the left picture -> 6 months later with a little more muscle in the right picture)

If only I slowed things down here and stuck with this type of look. Unfortunately I became highly influenced by the bodybuilding culture and an endless pursuit of mass. I think this thing happens to a lot of guys who start off small and skinny. They start to put on some muscle and get awesome feedback but have no idea when enough is enough.

Eventually I stumbled upon FitnessBlackBook and finally realized how nuts I was trying to get so big. Rusty Moore really put things into perspective for me. The lean, fit and muscular look is what guys should aim for. Thankfully I switched gears and got my lean and athletic type look back. I must say, getting lean and dropping 16 lbs was incredibly difficult. My bulking days really jacked up my appetite which made any sort of cutting very difficult. However Visual Impact Muscle Building served incredibly useful.

6 percent body fat

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