Kinobody Workout for Women

Authors Note:

Kinobody has grown at an exponential rate ever since it’s birth in the beginning of 2011. When I originally started kinobody it was completely geared towards men. In the past few months I have had many new female readers. I am very excited to finally address a workout approach for the fairer of my followers. Let’s get started :D 

The Ideal Female Physique:

Slim, Fit & Sexy

As a heterosexual male with impeccable taste I have a very clear idea of what a super attractive feminine body looks like. If I had to summarize the perfect feminine body in three words it would be; slim, fit and sexy! Flat and lightly defined stomach, toned arms, slim legs and of course a great butt. Great examples of women who perfectly fit this description are Zoe Saldana (on the slim side), Annalynne Mccord, Olivia Wilde, Beyonce Knowles (on the curvacious side) and of course Jessica Alba.

Don’t Overdo it 

Achieving such an incredible body that is still very feminine looking takes a precise approach. Most personal trainers today are telling women that they produce less then 10% of the testosterone that males do so they will never get bulky. Well be that as it may women are still very capable of adding more muscle then what is visually appealing. I have witnessed this time and time again and it is most evident with high level female athletes who follow intense weight training routines. Women have to be especially careful with leg training as they can easily over bulk their legs. Thick, muscular legs on a girl are never a great look.

 The Kinobody Slim, Fit & Sexy Workout Principles 

Visual Impact for Women

1. Strength Training for Tone not Size

I believe most girls are looking to strengthen and tone their muscles without making them bigger. The best way to achieve this is to keep the keep the total volume on each muscle group low while avoiding failure. You see the key to maximizing muscle growth is to perform a large amount of volume while pushing each set to it’s limit. By doing the opposite – only performing a few sets and stopping 2-3 reps shy of failure on each set you can avoid muscle growth altogether. This will allow you to build a fit physique that isn’t muscular.

2. Interval and Cardio Training for slim, fit legs 

Most girls will look their absolute best if they drop all leg movements from their routine and instead focus on intervals and cardio to work their legs. Intervals and cardio will give girls slim, fit and athletic looking legs. I recommend women perform their intervals and cardio on the treadmill or elliptical with an incline. This will really target their butt and firm it up pretty nicely. Avoid the bike as it doesn’t really work the butt and it can over bulk your thighs from the pump.

3. Core Training for Flat, Firm Abs 

Women want to really avoid building thick, deep abs. Instead they should opt for a flat and firm midsection with a tasteful amount of definition. The best exercises to achieve this are planks and leg raises. Planks strengthen the inner, deep abdominals (TVA) that keep the core rigid and flat. Leg raises build and develop the abs perfectly. Crunches and sit ups should be avoided because they are damaging to the spine and bad for posture.

4. Calorie Deficit for Fat Loss 

If you need to slim down to reach your goal weight then you will have to restrict your calories. There is no other way around this. You can workout as much as you want but if you are overeating you will never get the slim, fit body you’re after. The easiest way to accomplish this is to eat a small breakfast and lunch and a big, satisfying dinner. By keeping your first two meals small you can maximize fat burning throughout the day and look forward to an enjoyable meal at night.

The Kinobody Workout for Women 

women workout to be slim

Workout A

Strength Training

Bench Press: 3 sets x 5 reps (use a weight you can lift 8x)

Lat Pull Down (hands facing you): 3 sets x 5 reps (use a weight you can lift 8x)

Lateral Raises: 3 x 8 reps (use a weight you can lift 10x)

Triceps Extensions: 3 x 8 reps (use a weight you can lift 10x)

Dumbbell Hammer Curls: 3 x 8 reps (use a weight you can lift 10x)

Core Training

Lying Leg Raises: 3 x 20 reps

Plank: 3 x 1 minute hold


Intervals on Elliptical: 2 minutes hard / 1 minute easy x 10

Workout B 

Strength Training 

Seated Shoulder Press: 3 sets x 5 reps (use a weight you can lift 8x)

Bent Over Dumbbell Row: 3 sets x 5 reps (use a weight you can lift 8x)

Bent Over Flyes: 3 sets x 8 reps (use a weight you can lift 10x)

Skull Crushers: 3 sets x 8 reps (use a weight you can lift 10x)

Standing Dumbbell Curls: 3 sets x 8 reps (use a weight you can lift 10x)

Core Training

Lying Leg Raises: 3 x 20 reps

Plank: 3 x 1 minute hold


Intervals on Treadmill with 4 degree incline: 1 minute run / 1 min walk x 10

Workout Notes: 

  • Alternate between Workout A and Workout B with one day of rest in-between
  • Rest 2 minutes between sets. For abs only rest one minute between sets
  • For maximum fat burning add 15-20 minutes of steady state cardio after the workouts

If you want a full blown course geared towards getting the slim, fit and sexy look checkout Visual Impact for Women. I invested in the program to help my sister get in shape for her thailand trip. I was blown away by how cutting edge the program was. There is nothing else out there like it when it comes to helping women get the slim and sexy look. I also found the cardio and fat loss chapter very helpful towards myself.

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  • Danielle

    Omg thank you thAnk you so much for posting this for women love your work!! I have a couple of questions if I could get your opinion..are you suppose to do this workout like Monday workout A Tuesday workout B then rest on Wednesday thusrday workout A Friday workout B?
    Also if I drink a protein shake for breakfast and it consist of jay Robb whey,banana, almond butter,almond milk comes out to 300 calories is that too much?
    Thank you so much can’t wait to try this routine out going to tell all my girlfriends

    • admin


      Awesome Danielle! I would do these workouts 3x per week. So Workout A (tuesday), Workout B (thursday) and Workout A (saturday). The next week you would start with workout B.

      300 calories for breakfast would be considered small and is perfectly fine. Ideally try to keep your daily calories around 10x goal bodyweight in pounds for accelerated fat loss.

  • Mitchell – Home Fitness Manual

    Greg, my wife prefers the “Fergie” look, which is toned yet curvy. I know a lot of women particularly like to stick with cardio and abs, but just like your workout plan above highlights: there’s a whole other world to be explored when it comes to exercise. This post is really leading people in the right direction.

    Mitchell – Home Fitness Manual recently posted..Protein Fluff – The Real Food of the Gods

  • Michael McIntyre

    Greg I am going to become a transexual in the summer. How can I lose all the muscle on my legs and firm up my butt? Just kidding dude, thought I would throw a bit of humour in there. Great advice on a way for women to achieve the look you are talking about. I have a couple posts about Victoria Secret models which go along these guidelines.
    Michael McIntyre recently posted..Reverse Pyramid Training Using A 3 Day Workout Split

  • Paul

    The timing on this post was perfect. A lot of women have been asking me for fitness advice so I pointed them to this article and they loved it. Are there any sites you would recommend for women for fitness advice? I have been sending them to but didn’t know if you had better suggestions.
    Paul recently posted..Going Caveman

    • Greg


      Awesome. I appreciate it dude. I haven’t really tuned into many female fitness role models / bloggers. I will have to take a closer look.


  • August

    If you are alternating the A and B workout (A Monday, B Wednesday, A Friday for example) on the down days would you suggest any cardio, or purely rest?

    • Greg


      You can definitely do cardio on the rest days. If you’re feel a little worn down go with low intensity cardio. If you’re up for it you can do intervals or steady state cardio on the rest days.

  • Isaac

    Hey Greg,
    What happened to the consultation program post? Is it cancelled?

    • Greg


      Yes. Working on other things so no longer offering it.

  • Ann

    Great post. Anyway, by cardio can that mean something like kettlebell swings? Also, I’ve been doing a lot of squats and while they’ve helped my butt, they’ve caused some of jeans to get tight in the thigh area. I love what squats do for me but I’m thinking that maybe I should do them with just my bodyweight. Thoughts?

    • Greg


      If you’re legs are bigger than you desire you should drop all leg work. Even high rep body weight squats can add some size for some people due to the pump they produce. Cardio is your best option.

  • Darren @ Lertno’s Training

    Excellent workout Greg. It’s too bad that women are following outdated information from people at the gym or personal trainers. I see women at the gym all the time that are trying to slim down and their personal trainers are having them do lunges and step ups which are building muscle in their legs. I actually cut out my leg workouts myself cause I felt mine were too big. Great Post. Keep up the great work.
    Darren @ Lertno’s Training recently posted..Visual Impact Cardio – Cardio Machine Workout

  • Betty Rocker

    Love your posts. This one is awesome. I personally use a combination of HIIT, a few days of weight training and cook for myself 90% of the time (I’d rather have somebody else make me sushi!!).
    Betty Rocker
    Betty Rocker recently posted..Super Green Drink

  • Brian Nguyen

    hey greg thanks for the womens workout! Ive been making my mom use it and shes definitely losing weight. I was wondering if you can do a workout for older male adults. (50+) My dad is definitely old and out of shape but I dont think his frail old body can handle anything too intense. As of right now i have him doing cardio. Please help!

  • Heidi Burke

    Hi Greg, I loved your post! Do you plan to have more of these women-oriented posts? I know you have made posts in the past about dating and picking up women. I would love for you to make one for women about how to pick up men.

    • Greg


      Yes. I will get some more posts for the girls. I don’t know if I am the best person to tell women how to pick up guys but I may have my 2 cents.

  • here

    If you dont mind, exactly where do you host your site? I am shopping for a great web host and your webpage appears to be quick and up almost all the time

    • Greg


      I host with hostgator.

  • Lara

    Hi Greg,
    I’m a 19 year old (former) ballerina, and I just had to stop my training a few months ago due to injury. I’ve been in great shape all my life, but since stopping dance a few months ago I’ve gained a couple pounds. However it’s mostly been around my tummy, and so I was wondering if the strength training was necessary to this workout routine? I’ve always had ‘willowy’ arms with very little muscle on them, which as a dancer I find attractive. I’m afraid doing arm workouts will make me bulk up.

    I was also wondering if you think it’s necessary to do all parts of this routine at once, or if I could split them up throughout the day. Like could I do strength training in the morning, abs on my lunch break and cardio in the afternoon? Or could I mix the routine up and start with cardio and end with strength training?

    If not, what time of the day do you think would be best for working out for quickest results?

    Sorry to bombard you with all these questions, I’m new to the whole ‘gym workout’ thing!

    • Greg

      As long as you do the workouts you will reap the benefits. If you want to split it up into 2 or 3 mini workouts throughout the day than by all means do it.

      If you’re worried about adding muscle to your arms then I recommend just paying close attention to your body over a few months period of time. Your body makes very slow changes so I wouldn’t be too worried. If you are paranoid you can always stop 2-3 reps before muscle failure. This will pretty much stop muscle gains all together and you will probably only increase strength and improve tone.

  • Julie

    Hey Greg,

    What are your thoughts on Girls Gone Strong? These girls squat and deadlift all the time and look great.


    • Greg

      It really depends on the individual. Some girls have very skinny legs and can benefit from adding some muscle to their lower bodies. Therefore squats and dead lifts are beneficial up until a certain point. With that said most girls don’t want to add any more muscle on to their lower bodies. Therefore they get the best benefit dieting to reduce fat and sticking to intervals/sprints to work their legs. In addition most men and women can build really great looking legs strictly with intervals/sprints lasting 100-400m or 10-90 seconds for 4-8 sets.

      You need to decide what your goals are. If you would like to build up your legs and butt then squats and deadlifts may be a useful option. But if you don’t want to get your legs and bigger then you better stay away from squats and deadlifts.

  • chelsy

    So I definitely have the look most woman try and stay away from. My quads have become extremely muscular from sprinting on the treadmill 4 days a week and have that tear drop look to them. My boyfriend has even commented on them and told me its tooooo much :( But I still have ten, maybe fifteen, pound of fat to lose on my body so I need to keep performing cardio. I thought I was doing it the right way but I guess not….at this point should i focus on long distance running to slim down my thighs and lose weight??

    • Greg

      Don’t do sprinting more than 2 times per week. On your other cardio days use the elliptical and do steady state cardio for 30-45 minutes. Also watch your diet and ensure your eating at a deficit so you’re losing weight each week. When you get rid of all the excess fat your legs should look much slimmer.

  • http://N/a Judith

    Because all women should/can look the same? And we should change our fitness routine so that we can shape our bodies to suit YOUR preferences? What a dick.

  • Betty Rocker

    I think Greg is entitled to his opinion about what he finds appealing, especially considering that this is HIS blog. He makes it a point to say that everyone has different goals and then offers a solution for those of the same mind as him.
    I don’t train exactly the way Greg suggests, though I do incorporate some of these techniques.
    From what I’ve seen, negativity is only a reflection of insecurities in the person who spreads it. Constructive comments, questions and the practice of always looking for the positive intent in a situation we don’t understand is a good demonstration of character.

    • Greg

      Well said Betty :)

  • Donna Pavone

    Judith,you are sad.Go for a nice long walk and smell the roses.

  • Superman23

    Hey Greg, quick question. My girlfriend wants to start working out, she’s 5’1″ 114pounds, she’s fit but we want to work on diet, she keeps insisting about wanting to get lean and lose fat. what do you suggest that her calorie intake should be? Do I use the same 14cals X pound of lean mass as I use? Or should I use a different formula? What do you suggest her 3 meals a day should be? She works in an office so she would be working out in the evenings after work around 7pm If you can please reply it’ll be very very helpful. Thanks man.

    • Greg

      I use the same formula. There isn’t much of a difference in metabolic rate between men and women at a given weight. You’re girlfriend (assuming 45-60 minutes of activity daily) probably burns 1600 calories daily. To lose weight she will need to eat around 1000-1200 calories per day. She can split this up anyway she likes. My preferred method would be 2 small low carb meals and one big dinner. Ex: Meal 1 – 300, meal 2 – 300 and meal 3 – 600 calories. The other option would be to only have 2 meals. Ex: Meal 1 – 400-500 calories, Meal 2 – 600-800 calories.

      • Superman23

        Awesome man, thanks a lot. Another question, what should the macro split be? On the first 2- 300 low carb? And on the last meal? I like your approach on supplements, so she will be getting all her protein from the food she eats, do you suggest she should still consume around 114 grams of protein a day? Or should we increase this?

        • Greg

          1 gram of protein per pound of goal body weight. 25-30% of calories from fat. Everything else should be carbs.
          First two meals should be mostly protein and veggies. Maybe a serving of fruit as well. Last meal should include a moderate amount of carbs.

          • Superman23

            Thank you for sharingyour knowledge man. And for the fast response. Keep it up, there’s a lot of us that you’ve helped withoutknowing. Thanks a lot.

  • Donna

    Greg, I love your site and have just begun the women’s w/o……but what are skullcrushers?

    • Greg

      Basically you lie on a bench holding a barbell with arms extended over your chin. You then lower the barbell to your forehead and lift the weight back up by extending your arms using your triceps muscles. If you don’t know what I mean you can google or youtube the exercise.

  • Eve

    Hi Greg!

    My boyfriend bought your muscle building course and have great and fast results so I checked your blog and found this post for women. I’m already on the lean side so I’m not looking to lose weight. I’m looking to build a firmer body while keeping things feminine.

    I think I could benefit of some lower body exercises so I’m wondering what could I do for exercise and how to fit them into your routine.

    Thanks in advance:)


    • Greg

      On workout B eliminate the last two exercises (skull crushers and dumbbell curls). You will replace these two exercises for lowerbody ones. I’d recommend performing a barbell squat for 3 sets of 6-10 reps and dumbbell step ups for 3 sets of 8-10 per leg.

  • Sandra

    Hello Greg, i have two questions for you :) i start dieting a few months ago and lost about 25 pounds without exercise, im now almost reaching my goal weight but i start to feeling me too skinny so i want to add some mass to my legs and butt, i dont have acess to a gym in my city so the only thing i have is a pair of dumbells from my boyfriend and ankle weights, is this enough to reach my goals? second question, should i still be on a caloric deficit or can i bring my calories up to maintenance or even to a surplus?

    Thanks in advance ;)

    • Greg

      If you are at your goal wight then you can begin to bring calories up to maintenance. I would stay at maintenance for 2-4 weeks before doing a surplus.

      You can build up legs and butt with only dumbbells. I would suggest doing reverse lunges or Bulgarian split squats for 3 sets of 8-12 per leg. You can also do step ups for 3 sets of 8-12 per leg. And you can finish off with romanian deadlifts holding dumbbells for 2 sets of 20 reps.

  • christine peterson

    Hi Greg,
    Big fan of yours, besides the fact that you are adorable i sincerely am addicted to road to ripped advice.

    I’m 5-2 work out alot and eat paleo healthy. I’m 137 lbs and want to get to 125ish but irrelavant of the number, i’d like to be leaner. I’m confused about my macros. Can you recommend some numbers for me?

    Thanks for your female focus. I’ve just began your work out A and B. Plan.

    • Greg

      Hey Christine! I’d starting around 11-12 calories per pound of bodyweight and adjust from there as necessary to lose about 1 pound of fat per week. So basically around 1500-1600 calories. Protein around 120g, fat around 50g and carbs around 140-160g.