How to Attract Girls

How to attract girls


Every guy wants to know how to attract girls. In fact many guys start working out because they believe it will attract girls. However having a ‘nice’ lean and muscular body isn’t enough to get beautiful women interested in you.

You see when I first started working out and looking good I was still nothing special when it came to getting girls. I could tell girls started to notice me but I was lacking the ‘cocky funny’ attitude that I really needed to really excel in that department.

In fact it kills me to this day how brutal my game was. For example I remember sitting in class one day and one of the girls in my class came up to me and told me that I was sitting in her seat. This would have been the perfect time to retort with a challenging statement to spike attraction. But instead I apologized and proceeded to get up and giver her the seat. I WAS A TOTAL WIMP AND GIRLS HATE THIS!

Girls want a guy that is flirtatious, funny and little bit cocky. I would of been sooo much better off saying something like this:

“well find another one” or even better would be to ask for something in return – example “make an animal noise and its all yours.” Then after she does the animal noise you can say, “omg I was just kidding. I actually can’t believe you did that your adorable.” This is sooo much more attractive and flirtatious than just giving up your seat and your dignity. That is also an example of ‘push pull.’ Where you push her away and than pull her back in by saying she’s adorable.

You see when a girl says, “your sitting in my seat” they’re really putting you through a ‘shit test.’ A ‘shit test’ is a way for a women to test the strength of your character. If you give in to the shit test then her attraction for you fizzles. But if you respond with either A) a challenging statement B) ignore her  or C) get her to do something in return first (animal noise) than her attraction for you spikes and you can develop a flirtatious dynamic.

In fact when I first started working out and building muscle I would get shit tested all the time. This is good though. It shows that the girl has initial attraction for you.


Hot Babe: Your sooo full of yourself

Me: Thankyou (and then I proceed to ignore her)

Another thing started happening though. I began to get compliments from girls. Girls would say things like, ‘you have a really nice body’ or they would nonchalantly touch me. The best way to maximize attraction in this scenario is to ‘push them away.’ You see girls WANT what they can’t have so if you act like your not interested in them they will go crazy for you.


Hot Babe: You have a really nice body?

Me: God I’m tired of girls looking at me like some kind of sex symbol. You know I’m human too.


Hot Babe: ‘starts touching me’

Me: woah easy. hands off the merchandise. This will cost you next time. God are you always like this…. Where’s your off button

Girls love the cocky funny guy! Thats just the way it is. Think of any teen movies you’ve seen. The guy that always gets all the girls has that cocky funny attitude. Where he’s full of himself but in a jokingly lovable way.

Here are some of my favorite cocky / funny lines:

  1. If she starts acting weird or stupid – Your screwing up your chances with me
  2. If she makes fun of herself – well I wasn’t gonna say anything
  3. If she asks how your love life is – Have you heard of James Bond? Well you get the idea
  4. If she asks what your plans are for a specific day – No you can’t take me to Vegas and merry me
  5. If she says your soooooooo…… – Just giving the public what it wants
  6. If she asks why she’s talking to you – because you love me


Having the body is only half of it. If you really want to succeed with women you have to have the cocky / funny attitude.


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  1. Michael Anders

    I agree with all of this. A few more things to add.

    – Definitely do all of this with a smile 80% of the time (especially if you are getting ripped and attractive because people actually become intimidated by you).

    – The more confident your target is, the more you need to do this stuff. Definitely don’t rip the “6” girl to shreds with techniques that should only be saved for a “9” or “10”.

    – Also know when to stop playing these “opening” moves as I like to call them if you meet someone that you really like. You gotta be real and show some human faults at times.

    – At the same time though, especially if you’re dating a hot chick, don’t forget these “opening” moves because you should still be doing 30% – 40% of the time to keep her interested.

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  3. Jonas

    Just Be Yourself – Girls Love This!
    Why? Because if you’re trying to be someone else, you’ll be madly incongruent!

    *Too be attractive when being yourself, you need to love yourself. When you love yourself, you’re full of yourself!

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