Amazing One Month Body Transformation

Congratulations to Arthur Lim from Australia who has made a very impressive one month body transformation. Here are his before and after pictures:


Workout Transformation BeforeWorkout Transformation After


This is only after ONE MONTH!!!! What amazing results. Arthur you should feel insanely proud. I can only imagine how your going to look after 2 more months of dedicated training.

Arthur has been following the ‘additional workouts’ I provided him with for Visual Impact Muscle Building. In addition he has been performing the abs workouts and heavy bag workouts outlined here on this site. If you guys are interested in the ‘additional workouts’ that go along with Visual Impact than all you have to do is purchase the course through one of my links and email me at

I will then send you the workouts. In addition I will be able to answer all of your training questions via email.

Visual Impact is my favorite muscle building program for building a body that actually attracts girls and doesn’t scare them away.

Visual Impact Muscle Building Results and Transformation

I’m looking forward to seeing more transformations like this. So keep training hard and eating well and send in your before and afters.

Here are some more ‘after’ pictures of Arthur:

Workout Transformation After

– Make sure to leave your comments below congratulating Arthur on his hard work and dedication.

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  1. Drew

    Thats awesome. He made some really good gains for only one month. His muscles look fuller, denser and more defined.

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