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Over the past several years, this site has grown into an amazing resource.

With posts ranging from dieting to lifting to lifestyle (and more), I felt like I should provide a place to "start" for new visitors to the site.

Because here's the thing...

You can transform your physique with the proper workout and nutrition strategies. This collection of posts from Kinobody are the "best of the best" that will teach you how to do just that.

I have organized them all into an easy to browse section based on topic so you can find exactly what you need when you need it. Bookmark it.

Come back here for them whenever you need help with any of these topics.

(Note: If you know of a post on the site that’s awesome, but isn’t listed here, leave it in the comment section and I’ll include it.)

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    • admin

      You actually don’t have to do any cardio if you want to lose weight. It really comes down to diet. However cardio can help create larger calorie defecits so you lose weight faster.

      For maximum results I would recommend doing cardio 5x per week.

  1. Tyla Murray

    i work out at the gym 4 times a week and do a combo of cardio and weights, i have a strict diet but seem to be unable to stripo away the small layer of fat covering my abs and have small bit of fat on my ribs but are quiet defined on chest and arms, any advice to get that small bit of fat to go away?

  2. Carlos


    How do i maximize my workouts/muscle gain if i don’t have a spotter? I just workout at home and usually alone. Help please thanks!

  3. Erian

    Greg, I would really love for you to speak about the role of sleep in recovery. How much time a person really needs to sleep when he is training regularly? Does he have do sleep in one interval, or the sleep can be divided in, lets say, two cycles? And, is going to bed earlier/later makes any significance in the quality of rest/muscle gains. Cheers buddy : )

    • Greg

      Hey Erian. This would definitely be an interesting subject. However I don’t think it’s really worth stressing over how much sleep is necessary or optimal. Just doing that alone can make sleep more difficult. The best thing I can say is do your best to get 7-9 hours of quality sleep per night. And if you can’t get it then don’t stress over it. If you’re strict with your diet and are making progress in the gym then you will be getting stronger, leaner or more muscular.

      Ps. Arnold only sleeps 6 hours per night.

      • Erian

        Hey Greg, thanks for the reply buddy. I get it. I do my best to get 7-9 hours. I asked the question because many people tell me that it is best to get in bed early, lets say around 10, sleep 8 hours and wake up early. In this way the quality of the sleep is better.
        I also read in internet that some people take a small nap in the afternoon, like 20-30 minutes, and then are able to get by with only 6 hours of sleep in the night.
        Would you please write a few lines on those 2 topics, as I am really interested.
        Regards : )

        • Greg

          I don’t really have much to say on either topic. I don’t think it makes any sense to plan your life around your sleep schedule. I am a night owl and don’t go to bed until 1-2am. I think the human body is very easily adaptable and can adjust to any sleep schedule. As long as you feel well rested then you’re doing fine.

  4. Austin

    Will i Be able to gain LEAN size if I train 3x week strength and Cardio 3week . I want to get a little bigger and be lean. I weight 156 right now and im 5’10”

  5. Tor

    Hi Greg!

    You write many articles just about training, I would suggest, hope or beg that you write an article or two about something related more indirectly to traning like; “Top 10 songs that make your biceps think they are on steroids!”. Keep up the good work!

    Best regards
    Norwegian Viking

  6. Luca

    Where can I get the homestudio (bars exspecially) you,ve got! really like them and would like to get them too!^^ Also what supps do you recommend?

  7. Kristy

    I love your site! I would love too see more articles geared towards women wanting to get lean. My problem area is my lower abdomen and inner thighs…any suggestions training wise would be awesome!

    Thanks for the great articles and keep up the great work!

    • Greg

      Hey Kristy! Thanks for the input. I definitely need to address women more specifically. That said, most women can follow the same tips and rules as outlined for men. Calories set at 10-12 calories per pound of bodyweight for fat loss. Alternatively 20-25% below maintenance. Achieving a calorie deficit is the only way you will be able to lose fat. Cardio can help and seems to be more important for women. As you lean down from diet and cardio you will start to see more definition in your abs and thighs.

  8. Robert

    Greg, I have noticed that you seem to look big while being very lean but you have muscle. How do you achieve that without looking “scrawny” and thin?

    • Greg

      Takes time Robert! When you’ve been lifting for a few years, increasing the weights on a regular basis then you will develop a solid amount of muscle mass. When you take things down to a low body fat you will have a lean and muscular look not a scrawny look.

  9. Ed Franks

    Hi Greg
    I am aware in some of your muscle building routines you wrote a while back you recommended 5 workouts a week for maximum gains. However, in other articles you say 3 times per week (my goal is to increase muscle mass) and in Visual impact Phase 1 there are only 3 workouts a week, ensuring full CNS recovery. What would you recommend now?
    Cheers :)

    • Greg

      Well first off, visual impact has 3 workouts but you’re actually supposed to workout 4 times per week. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday alternating between the three workouts.

      I have changed my stance on lifting frequency over a year ago. I now favour 3-4 workouts per week. Better results and recovery from this frequency.

      • Ed Franks

        Cheers. I have decided to workout 4 days per week using your Greek god muscle building plan. Hopefully get some good results :)

  10. dan

    Hi Grerg

    Just wondering what do you think of burpees as HITT cardio ? and will it effect your weights wile dieting e.g. bench press strength ?

    Best Regards


    • Greg

      Burpees are a great form of HIIT.

      If you can do 30+ push ups then the push portion of the burpee won’t be taxing enough to have any negative effects on your bench press.

    • Greg

      I prefer to do regular cardio. That way I know exactly how many calories I’m burning so I can make any adjustments if necessary. As well, I don’t fatigue my musculature so there I no interfering with strength training.

  11. Mike

    Hey Greg!

    Two posts in the website I definitely think belong here (I’ve already said this before and you said you were going to add them, but you may have forgotten to do so:

    I think the first post does a good job at explaining your training philosophy and has some very good tips as well.
    The second is the best post on offsetting food binges I’ve ever read.

    I think those 2 definitely belong here!

    • Greg

      Thanks Mike! I just addded the drive/minimalism article to the Muscle Building section. I actually want to avoid keeping the binge eating article in the mix. Since now I don’t promote the idea of massive compensation anymore.

        • Greg

          I recommend solving the issue by not having food binges in the first place. You can enjoy yourself without stuffing your face to gluttony.

  12. AL

    Greg, with Ramadan coming up in 28th July. I think you could definitely benefit from writing an article on how to maintain a bulk or a cut, with the circumstances at hand. I would certainly find it useful !!!


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