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Over the past several years, this site has grown into an amazing resource.

With posts ranging from dieting to lifting to lifestyle (and more), I felt like I should provide a place to "start" for new visitors to the site.

Because here's the thing...

You can transform your physique with the proper workout and nutrition strategies. This collection of posts from Kinobody are the "best of the best" that will teach you how to do just that.

I have organized them all into an easy to browse section based on topic so you can find exactly what you need when you need it. Bookmark it.

Come back here for them whenever you need help with any of these topics.

(Note: If you know of a post on the site that’s awesome, but isn’t listed here, leave it in the comment section and I’ll include it.)

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  1. Jeremy

    And once you adopt this proper viewpoint youll actually make better progress toward that secondary goal! At least, thats what happened with me. I got almost nowhere until i quit obsessing.

  2. Rafa

    Honestly I was just having an argument with a friend regarding the best approach to fitness. I think your article/video really get at the core of what a healthy mindset is, applicable to any goal that we may have. Posts like this are very inspiring, thank you for sharing them with us. Congratulations on an awesome site and lifestyle. 16 years old, I still have a long way to go, but I’ll enjoy every single day, every single step like it is my last.

  3. Anurag

    Alternatively, living in the moment or present does not have to be a “goal”, but a *requirement* to make sure all other goals are completed to their full potential.

    Awesome article that can broaden people’s perspective!

  4. davide

    hey Greg do u think this workout its okay. SlowPull ups 5*5 Slowhandstand 5*5 one arm pushups 5*5 Slowchinups 5*5 Slowleg raise 5 *5. i do this 3 times a week.can u please tell me what u think

    • Greg

      I don’t really believe in slow rep training. You should train for progressive strength increases for maximum results.

  5. Ed Johnnie

    Hey Greg,

    Is grilled beef tenderloin ok to eat? Grilled at home without butter or bacon wrapped of course. If so, how much would you eat per portion oz wise raw?


  6. Gustav

    Amazing article Greg! Your work is always amazing and really helps my own personal development.
    I wouldn’t say I got nowhere by obsessing. I certainly got progress, but it is just a pain if you don’t enjoy the process. If you constantly project happiness into the future and keep seeking more and more for that furfillment you will never be truly satisfied. This is so true in every way! Embrace the present moment, enjoy what you are doing and still keep track of your vision. Then the journey will be just as rewarding and fun as the end-goal.
    – I want to add that this shouldn’t be interpreted as a method for the lazy. You can still be very dedicated and obsessed with your goal. You just refrain from the self-imposed agony and instead you enjoy the journey.

  7. Donny


    Love your site, man. Quick question, can I do rest pause training on my shoulders for lateral and rear raises on a cut? My shoulders are a little bit undersized. I plan on doing your upon body perfection workout with two refeeds on the upper body days and doing two working sets for the RPT movements (Monday and Friday). Also how much rest between assistance exercises on a cut? Thanks.

  8. If you work at a restaurant about 3-4 times a week, and have no trouble over eating any other meals or nights, but every night I work there’s always left over food or free food, and my Will power seems to be magically gone then, I always go out of control and over eat by 500-1000 calories the nights I work, which in turn offset my whole week and then I try longer fasts which suck, so I was wondering if there was a mind set shift I could practice to not do this any more? It really takes a toll on the mental part of cutting, and I know I can get over this hump, because really once I can I know my goal will be with in reach, thank you Greg if you coild help me in any way that would be so appreciated

    • Greg

      Allow yourself to have some of the left over when you work. Leave room for it and don’t overeat. Just enjoy as much as you need to hit your cals.

  9. Jay

    Hey Greg!

    I just bought your new warrior shredding program but it seems that I can’t download it from links of the Clicbank email I got after the purchase. Thx for the help!

  10. Wayl

    Hey Greg what are you thoughts about using hypergain with your new aggressive shredding program, I have lost so far 6-8 Pounds in 3 weeks and I am planning to go further dropping another 20 pounds in the rest of the 9 weeks. Is it going to help me build extra muscle while cutting ? or is it going to interfer with my cut ?

    • Greg

      I would suggest taking it when you finish cutting so you can focus on gaining muscle. It will work better when you’re taking in more calories.

  11. Linds

    You are wise well beyond your years Greg. I love your holistic approach to fitness; I look forward to your posts bc they are genuine and completely quality.


  12. Ed Johnnie


    How does this look for a 2 meal per day plan to cut up.

    Meal 1: 14-16 oz chicken breast with baked potato grilled with a little olive oil.

    Meal 2: Same chicken or steak with spinach salad with homemade dressing of oil and vinegar with some dried fruit and almonds.



  13. Mike

    Greg have you ever thought about posting recipes on this blog? Like, muscle building meals, desserts, snacks…

    I think it’d be a great idea! ;)

  14. Carlo

    I have been mostly in a calorie deficit for the past 6 months with some binges and some 1 week maintenance breaks, but have not dropped fat down significantly. Finally, I’ve found what’s worked for me, which is just about 200 calorie deficit per day.

    After I reach my goal in about 8 weeks, I was wondering if I should reverse diet because will going straight to maintenance make me gain fat because of possible metabolism slowdown/ adaptation? Do you think my metabolism has slown down?

    • Greg

      No adding a mere 200 calories to your diet will not make you lose fat. Whatever deficit you’re in while dieting, is the amount of calories you can add to be at maintenance. You won’t gain fat at your actual maintenance, unless you overestimate your maintenance.

  15. Jesse

    Greg I love the article and I will take advantage of your advice. Off topic question though. I just bought a dip belt and I am considering buying a lifting belt for back and abdominal support, what is your experience and thoughts on the lifting belt? Necessary?

  16. Michael


    You probably already know this, but this is your best article to date IMO. I totally, 100% agree with you. Arnold’s enthusiasm and charisma is a big reason he has been an idol of mine since I was a kid, and why I have adopted the iron lifestyle the way I have. Looks like some of that has rubbed off on you. Awesome!

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