The Best of Kinobody “Quick Start” Guide

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Over the past several years, this site has grown into an amazing resource.

With posts ranging from dieting to lifting to lifestyle (and more), I felt like I should provide a place to "start" for new visitors to the site.

Because here's the thing...

You can transform your physique with the proper workout and nutrition strategies. This collection of posts from Kinobody are the "best of the best" that will teach you how to do just that.

I have organized them all into an easy to browse section based on topic so you can find exactly what you need when you need it. Bookmark it.

Come back here for them whenever you need help with any of these topics.

(Note: If you know of a post on the site that’s awesome, but isn’t listed here, leave it in the comment section and I’ll include it.)

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Build Muscle

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Workouts to Get Lean and Shredded

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Diet, Nutrition and Fasting

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Celebrity Workouts

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6 Pack Abs 

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Bodyweight Training

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Psychology and Mind Hacks for Getting Lean and Shredded

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  1. Hi Greg

    I follow your worrier programs and wanted to know with regard to cardio can I do high intensity instead like circuit training, HIIT followed by steady to cooldown.
    And still achieve a lean body and for how long and how many days.

    Thank you

  2. Diego Torres

    I’m doing your warrior shredding program but I’ve got to incorporate 2 hours worth of indoor football training twice a week. Can I do a Monday-Friday split for workouts (Wednesdays will go to Friday ’cause I don’t do legs) and a Tuesday-Thursday split for football training?

  3. Shawn

    A friend of mine posted pictures recently of the results he got with your program. Absolutely amazing. I’ve been asking him questions and poking around your site.

    I’m 43 and haven’t ever really gone to the gym up until recently. Currently I’m taking Les Mills classes to get in over all shape….but I am interested in starting using one of your programs.

    My question is….which program should I start with? Are your programs designed with the beginner in mind?

    • Which of your friends was posting the pictures haha? Tell him to shoot me a testimonial to Occasionally I post them up for fun. And if you want to lean down (drop body fat), go with my warrior shredding program. If you want to build strength and muscle go greek god.

  4. Scott

    I downloaded the quick start guide but the links aren’t working. Is there another way to gain access to those articles?

    Thank you

  5. Nolan

    Hi. I recently discovered your site and purchased the Greek god program. Lots of great info on your site! I had a few questions regarding the program I was hoping to get your thoughts on. 1) for work out A would I be over training if I be over training if I did incline bench, shoulder press and dips. I need the shoulder work, but hate to loose progress on my dips. 2) could I drop the dead lifts and hang cleans and sub them with pistols and split squats or do you think deads and cleans are to key of movements to drop. 3) do you recommend doing abs after workouts or on off days. Thanks again for all the great info

    • If you want to do this then I’d do 3 sets of incline, 2 sets of overhead press and 1 set of dips for 6-8 reps)

      You can do pistol squats and split squats but you’re not getting any low back work. If your low back is strong then you could be fine doing that for a few months. But you’ll want some exercise for the low back eventually.

      You can train abs on rest days, that’s fine, they create very little neural fatigue.


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