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Over the past several years, this site has grown into an amazing resource.

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You can transform your physique with the proper workout and nutrition strategies. This collection of posts from Kinobody are the "best of the best" that will teach you how to do just that.

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  • Tz

    How did you track your calories since you weren’t making food for yourself? Do you rely on google when it comes to figuring out how much calories some food contains? Cheers

    • Greg

      I eye ball it. And I don’t worry about macros, I just make sure to get in a ‘decent amount of protein’ and hit my calories. When you’re fasting and eating until satisfied, it’s really hard to go over maintenance.

  • Carter Good

    Great article Greg!

    I ready somewhere that you burn about 20% of the calories from alcohol just digesting it? Am I correct to assume that this is the ethanol in the alcohol? And should this be taken into account when drinking?

    For example. 100 calories from alcohol is like 80 calories from carbs,protein,or fat?

    Thanks Greg!

    • Greg

      Good question. Yes, alcohol has a high thermogenic effect. But generally speaking, I don’t recommend including the thermogenic effect of food. Just think of it as a bonus. But here’s the thing, if I’m just having like 3 drinks (liquor soda’s), I will keep my nutrition plan the same. I don’t bother cutting out 300 calories. Chances are, my increased activity will make up for it.

  • Alan

    Hey Greg,

    A bit off topic, but I just wanted to ask a question regarding barbell curls in the GGMBP.

    Its says to work your way up to ten reps of the same weight.
    So far, I can lift 3 sets of 5 sometimes 6 reps with 95lbs.

    My question is: should I stick with this weight even though I can only do 3×6 and eventually work up to 3×10, or lower the weight to get closer to the high rep range and build up slowly? I dont really want to drop the weight but Ill check my ego if I have to! Thanx a lot Coach!!

    • Greg

      Yeah stay at 95 lbs and build up to 10 reps. You could just build up to 8 reps if you prefer. That would work too.

  • Derek John

    With you on the vodka/whiskey and sodas Greg! Admittedly redneck of me I do enjoy some good ol’ Fireball(liquid hot tamales)
    Great tip on sparkling water when hungry, i’ll put that to work.
    Same rules apply hit your macros with alcohol!

  • Nik

    Hey Greg

    Doesn’t alcohol block fat oxidation? If so, shouldn’t one limit fat intake on a drinking day?


    • Greg

      No this is really not something to worry about. If you’re body is in a deficit it will burn fat, this is what it is designed to do. What happens is that when you begin drinking, your body will prioritize the alcohol calories, first, above everything else, including carbs and dietary fat.

  • Kris

    Hey Greg,

    is beer ok if makros and calories counted?

    Should I take more protein if I drink alcohol?

    You said that You eat about 120 – 140 g protein per day. Do You mean only animal protein or all ( animal ond other sources – rice, potatos, pasa etc)

    • Greg

      Beer is okay if you can fit it, it’s just harder on a cut. You can count all sources, they all count, technically. There’s no reason why you would need more protein if you’re drinking.

  • cz

    Were you doing IF on vacation? How did your late night mojitos effect your feasting window timing for the next day?

    • Greg

      Yes I was. I don’t worry about the ‘feasting window’. I just push my first meal later into the day.

  • Dean

    Hey Greg!

    Out of the two lifting protocols you advocate the most, RPT (strength) and Rest-Pause (volume), which is harder to recover from (and if recovering from each one differs, how does it differ?)?


    • Greg

      Well Reverse Pyramid creates more neural fatigue. While Rest pause training depletes more glycogen. But Reverse pyramid is harder to recover from.

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  • Dean

    I love your articles Greg, and your minimalist style of training is working wonders for helping people build strength without the need to overdo it, but I do wish you’d pull your pants up a bit sometimes.

  • Adam

    Good article! There’s nothing better than getting leaner whilst still having a life. My favourite thing to drink is JD and Diet Pepsi :)

  • Michael

    Hey Greg! I’m currently trying this program on a cut. The question is: Is this training type good enough for my cut? I’m 15% body fat. And Im also struggling to do dips and weighted pull-ups. Any tips on getting better at it?

    Also, do you recommend training fasted or after having a meal? And if so, what pre workout meal do you recommend? Thanks a lot!

    • Greg

      This is one of the workouts I wrote 4 years ago or so. I’d do one of my more up to date routines based on training 3 days per week.

      • Michael

        Is it the MEGA training report? Is there any exercise on how I can imrpove my dips and pull ups? I can do 5-6 pull ups now but nothing on the dip.

        • Greg

          Focus on building up your triceps strength with close grip push ups. When you can do about 15+ close grip push ups, you should be able to do dips pretty well.

  • Jacob

    Hi Greg hope you had a blast on your Mexico. :) Thanks for the awesome read. Also just wondering where you got that tank top in that third pic?

    • Greg

      Urban Outfitters mang!