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Over the past several years, this site has grown into an amazing resource.

With posts ranging from dieting to lifting to lifestyle (and more), I felt like I should provide a place to "start" for new visitors to the site.

Because here's the thing...

You can transform your physique with the proper workout and nutrition strategies. This collection of posts from Kinobody are the "best of the best" that will teach you how to do just that.

I have organized them all into an easy to browse section based on topic so you can find exactly what you need when you need it. Bookmark it.

Come back here for them whenever you need help with any of these topics.

(Note: If you know of a post on the site that’s awesome, but isn’t listed here, leave it in the comment section and I’ll include it.)

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  1. Andy

    Hi Greg,

    Will drinking Monster 0 calories 0 sugar make you fat? Also, T25 workout, what are your thoughts on it?

    Thank you very much,

    • Greg

      Thanks Tim. I think he could use more shoulders and back to give you physique more of a V shape. His physique doesn’t seem to stand out in a shirt, he looks too normal in my books.

  2. Julien

    Hi Greg,

    This really does resonate with me, although improving ones’ body is a very positive thing, it harbours much frustration because it is such a slow process.

    Is this correct, to observe is to simply look into ourselves at this ‘thing’ which is concerning us but to have no analyse of the thing, no internal dialogue. You just make yourself aware that your mind has negatively latched itself onto a concern, but you don’t engage in the thought process.

    I think it may be better to not even give general worries that arise any respect by observing them. But instead, simply thrust yourself into the present moment by doing whatever you have to do that day. Ask yourself ‘what should i be doing right now?’ Why waste any time at all observing something negative. Just by pass it by doing something else. I guess whatever works for each individual is best.

    • Greg

      Hey Julien. That’s exactly the right idea. You step back and just observe what’s going on, then you have distached yourself from your mind, and you’re no longer controlled by it.

      By observe it you are becoming present. That awareness is presence. This is how you become present. Ignoring thoughts or emotions doesn’t make them disappear. They will still harbor negativity. You must observe and accept them and then you’re free of them.

  3. Awesome post buddy..
    really we don’t need to grind everything up..our last rep,our last cookie ,our last workout bunk…or anything…its really fine to take up some rest days in moderation and not to overthrow ourselves on those days…a man who is perfect can only be on cinema. American Psycho Mr Christian Bale..

    hey Greg..

    i just started your lean bulk approach the last week had a few questions
    1-for a given current weight there is a given metabolic rate rate calories and we have to eat 500above per ur article…but the weight keeps on changing for about 1-3kgs..once u come back from a diet…so should we change our calories and increase them everyy week or its just what u decide at first week and continue for 3 weeks…??

    2-currently i am doing the three day split with Monday chest and tricep,Wednesday back and his and Friday traps and shoulders…
    should i change this to two day split with Monday for incline bp,standing ohp,weighted dips,and some pump,work and Wednesday for hang cleans,weighted chins,bicep work and some pump work… ….should i do,this 2 day split while i am bulking up for three weeks and then 3 day split for 1lower cal week…and then continuing the cycle like this…

    just started it brother…

    ur help would be inevitible…please..

    • Greg

      No that’s just an estiamte. There’s no way to know exactly how many calories you will be burning at a given weight. Trial and error. Stick to the calories for long enough so you can see beyond the initial fluctuations.

      You can do the 2 day split to make faster strength progress then go to a 2 day split.

  4. Aaron V

    Greg, this article/video is fantastic! Great job! Life is soooo much easier AND more productive with the hakuna matata approach to fitness. You have a goal and destination, yes, but it’s ALL about the journey and the experience along the way.
    Something that makes your blog and unique mainly is your focus on the mental/enjoyment aspect. We all know it’s about eating less and exercising more (two laws that won’t change ha ha), but very few address establishing the right mindset (or the no mindset for the Buddhists here). That’s where you guys excel!
    I’ve been lean and had easy abs since I can remember, and yet that was never enough for a while. I become totally focused on the end result of getting “bigger” that I was missing out on the journey and robbing myself of the joy in the present. I began to realize, like you, that you have to slow down to go faster.
    Your warrior shredding missing chapters was awesome because it gave definition to the mindset I had established over time.
    Thanks again, and keep up the great work! =)

  5. Joel de Leon

    Once again, great article of the mental aspect of the fitness world. Great words on true positive mentality and the effectiveness of staying in the present and not worrying about something that may or may not happen and even if it does or does not, will it then still make you happy? To this day stress is still considered one of the biggest cancers and contributors to a shorter life expectancy. Thanks again Greg.

  6. Ryan

    What up from SA! I have been listening to you for a while now and I like the fact that you are so passionate about fitness and people, not just getting the job done physically but emotionally also! Keep it up , it’s rather inspiring mate! Sunny Cape Town :)

  7. Zach Young

    Greg! I’m 5’10, 160 lbs probably 12% BF. I want to get to 170 8% BF, lean and ripped. I currently have a visible 4 pack but I want to reveal my lower abs. I love the Greek God Program, now I want to get shredded. Can this program deliver me muscle building and fat burning results?


    • Greg

      Well you won’t see a big increase in muscle gain but it will work very well for you to lean down to a low body fat.

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