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  • Lucas

    great article greg !

  • Jdawg

    Wow Greg absolutely inspiring post! Your authentic and altruistic content is a far cry from other fake alpha websites like Bold and Determined haha. By far one of my favorite life/ fitness resources on the net. Keep the posts coming!

  • Wahib Farooqui

    We as human beings are so caught up in our minds nowadays that we let it control all of our decisions. We’re trying to control it all up here when we should really be letting it flow down to our bodies and breathe into our balls! We’re so tight, regressive, closed off and shrugged that we’re blocking all of our energy channels and oxygen that flows to our bodies, yet we try to find the solution in our heads when we should really open up our bodies and start feeling.

    Great post Greg!! Keep doin what you’re doin!

    • Greg

      Awesome insight man! Love it.

  • Matt

    The best article you have ever written Greg. Period.

    Resonates on so many levels with me.

    Just bought ‘The power of now’ yesterday, gonna start reading it today.

    Keep up the excellent work.

    Cheers, Matt

    • Greg

      This means a lot Matt!

      I’d also look into the Eckhart Tolle audio tapes. I’ve listened to practicing the power of now about a half dozen times in the last few months. Every time I listen to it I become more and more present, less identified with my mind and I have more and more break through’s.

  • Aaron V

    Hey bro, this post is DEFINITELY your greatest masterpiece!! Well done!!
    I have always been fit, healthy, and able to see my abs. I get asked how all the time and people tell why they can’t in so many ways, shapes, or forms. It’s because I don’t let fear (or try not to, I’m not perfect) get in my way. I defined fear a few years back as a negative perception of a future event. Fear is usually tied into the future and about something in the negative (pretty much restated my definition ha ha). Anyways, it is as you said, that when we live in the present and learn to savor the here and now it removes the anxiety and fear that comes with living in the future.

    Plan for the future, but don’t reside in it!

    The part I loved the most in the article was about not identifying with your mind. It’s amazing how effective this principle is and you genius-ly summed it up in a brief article, amazing!!

    As Bruce says, “It’s not about the daily increase but daily decrease, hack away at the unessential.” You hacked away and left us only with the best material and information. You can go to any fitness blog for “how’s” and “what’s”, but what I really admire about you and Chris is you address the “why’s” and the mental aspect that so many gloss over.

    Keep up the great work man!!

    • Greg

      Thanks a lot Aaron! And that is a great perspective on fear, I wholeheartedly agree.

  • Laurence

    Hi Greg,

    I have definitely been guilty of letting my mind wander into negative thought patterns. Too many times when i’ve been on the receiving end of an inappropriate and frankly untrue comment I’ve let it penetrate my mind and hinder me in many different areas. I think almost all of us can identify with that internal dialogue that takes place when we try to figure out negative stuff and 99% of the time it is usually meaningless bullshit!

    There is no doubt about it, staying present and truly living by the ideal of staying present will make everyone more robust and rooted in self confidence as we rely on our own presence to keep us strong, and truly let slide anyone, anything and everything that does not contribute to our progression in life. I truly believe that we can only conquer life until we have first conquered our minds! This approach to living is certainly not easy as an intelligent mind will be very quick to analyse all sorts of things and think of possible outcomes all the time. However a lot of the time it’s usually completely unnecessary to do this and our intelligence should be harnessed in a far more efficient and productive way. I find it funny how at times the mind can be the most intelligent but stupidest thing in the world! Its like we are given this incredibly powerful tool but don’t know how to control it. Anyway, awesome blog entry, awesome podcast. Keep it up!


  • Kyle G

    Very deep, I like it!

  • Joe

    This is what I needed to read today. This year I have successfully lost 45 pounds and at 49 years of age, I feel (and look) like I’m back in my early 30s. Of course this is all thanks to my change in eating habits, a good fitness trainer, and persistence.

    Lately, my biggest fear is gaining it back. This article help me put my fear to rest.


    Los Angeles.

  • Donna

    Very very powerful. Thank you for this

  • Emil (former: Aemillius)

    Thanks for an amazing article, Greg.
    I do run track, but I find your advises about diet, training and life philosophies extremely useful.
    This article is the mental game in a nutshell.
    You’re an amazing personality, Greg. Way to go

    • Greg

      Thanks a lot man!

  • James

    Hey Greg, this q is non related to your article. But i was wondering that if i take a pre workout supplement would it cause an insulin spike. Any advice or recommendations of what to have before weights. its just that im eating at lunch then hitting the gym at 6.

    • Greg

      I honestly wouldn’t worry too much about spiking insulin. At the end of the day it won’t matter. As long as you’re in a deficit, fat loss will happen. I prefer a cup of coffee before training as a pre workout.

  • mike

    as master oogway said

    yesterday is history
    tomorrow is a mystery
    but today is a gift

    that is why it is called
    the present.

    nice article!

  • Emil

    Great article Greg, I do have a couple of non-related questions:) firstly, I am now bulking and have gone back to eating more meals. It hasn’t gone very well. I’m always tired. How do you go about bulking ?I know you’re Said that you enjoy the energy boost that comes from fasting but Also that it can be hard to fast Wille bulking, perhaps you’ve Written about this in th past and could direct me. Also, While your fasting and drinking, do you include the time that your drinking in the eating Windoww?:)

    • Greg

      Well with bulking it’s just a matter of hitting your calories and macros. So as long as you’re eating at a modest surplus you can fast. Maybe just fast 4 hours per day. So you’d have lunch, dinner and late night meal. Include plenty of carbs and even a desert here or there if necessary. Shouldn’t be hard to hit your calories.

  • Josh

    Been reading his stuff too great article! What’s your thoughts on creatine causing baldness? And raising DHT?

  • Aaron

    Hi Greg!
    Ive been following kinobody muscle building program for 5 months now. Ive definitely gained strength but for the past 8 weeks, Ive been hitting plateaus on incline bench press RPT so i change the rep schemes. but why is it that every 4 weeks, i hit a plateau? So for the past 8 weeks, ive already changed the rep scheme 2 times. and just now, i failed on my 3rd set so i have to change the rep scheme again. i was able to only do 8 reps instead of 10.
    rep scheme:
    first 3 months: 5 6 8
    4th month: 4 5 7
    5th month: 6 8 10
    so now going on my 6th month, i hav to change the rep scheme again.

    thanks in advance :)

    • Greg

      Yes this will happen. We tend to stall every 3-6 weeks once we’re passed the beginner/intermediate stages. Another option would be to switch to dumbbell incline bench presses for a couple months, then go back to barbell. For dumbbell I’d recommend using a rep interval. Example 3 sets – 4-6, 6-8, 8-10. When you can do the top end of the rep range you’ll increase the weight.

  • Austin Floyd

    Hey Greg just wanted to ask you one question. For either of the program if you plan to drink during the night you restrict calories during the day and count the alcohol calories correct?

    • Greg

      Yes ideally. Although I have found that if I am sticking to liquor only and limit the number of drinks to 3-4 then I can keep my diet unchanged without affecting fat loss. Usually with alcohol in the evening my activity level goes up and off sets some of the alcohol calories ingested.

  • Nate

    Hi Greg!
    I’m 5’5 and 125 pounds. On training days, how many cups of rice should i eat? Im on a lean bulk and following your muscle building program. thanks!

    • Greg

      As many as it takes to hit your carb numbers. You can use a calorie counter website or app to calculate that.

  • Aaron

    Hi Greg!
    Im now done with s&d2. im gonna start chest specialization. At the end of s&d2, my incline barbell bench press is 1 x bw for 5 reps. Now since im going to do chest specialisation, flat bench press is included. how much weight should i start for 6 reps? :)

    • Greg

      You should be stronger on flat bench. You’ll have to test it out and see for your self. Maybe start 10-20 lbs heavier than incline and see how that feels.

  • Russell

    Hey Greg!
    Im quite curious. Which do i follow? The 16-18hr fast or eat 6-8hrs after waking up? What if my last meal ends at 9pm. That means i will eat my first meal at 1pm if i follow the 16-18hr fast. but what if i woke up at 10am? do i follow the 16-18hr fast and eat at 1pm or wait 6-8hrs till i eat. so that means i’l have my first meal at around 4pm. Sometimes if i wake up late, I’m only hungry after 5hrs even though the 16-18hr fast has ended. but im worried that if i prolong the fast to more than 18hrs, i might be in a catabolic state. Advice please :)

    • Greg

      I actually do more moderate intermittent fasting. So I suggest eating your first meal around 5-6 hours after rising. And then having 2 more meals in a 7-9 hour window. So if you wake up at 9am you might have your first meal at 3pm, second at 7:30 and a final meal at 11pm before going to bed. That said, none of this really matters. I just found this strategy to work best for me. If I sleep in and eat too soon after waking it doesn’t work as well. So I always push my first meal about 5-6 hours after rising. Some days are more but it’s always at-least 5 hours without food after getting up.

  • Amos

    Hi Greg!
    Ive done a little tweaking on chest specialization and bicep specialization to give way for muscle up training.
    Workout A:
    incline presses- 5 6 8 8 8
    flat bench- 6 8 10
    lateral raises- 3 sets of 8-12
    pistols + calf raises- 3 sets of 4-6 + 10-12

    Workout B:
    Weighted chin ups- 5 6 8
    barbell curls- 3 sets of 6-10
    incline db curls- 2 sets of 8-12
    face pull- 3 sets of 8-12
    muscle up- 3-5 sets of 1-2 reps

    Your thoughts on this Greg? I love training for muscle ups! Thanks in advance! :)

    • Greg

      You need to practice muscle ups when your back and biceps are relatively fresh. I would suggest doing muscle ups on workout A after lateral raises. And I would do pistols and calf raises on workout B at the end.

      The muscle ups shouldn’t negatively impact recovery, so it’s fine to do them on workout A. Just don’t do too many. 3 sets of 1-3 reps should work well. When they’re easier you can do 3 sets of 5.

      • amos

        For the past 2 weeks, ive done muscle ups on workout B and i was able to do it. maybe because of weighted pull ups, muscle ups became easier to perform at that moment because my body seem lighter to lift up because the extra weight has been removed. so far, muscle ups were a success to execute. I’m worried that when i perform muscle ups on workout A, i wont be able to do it because my body isnt warmed up for a muscle up. :)

        • Greg

          You can keep doing it in Workout B then.

  • Ralphael

    Hi Greg!
    Because of tight schedule, i wont be able to take in the recommended calorie surplus since im on a lean bulk. So ive decided to buy whey protein. I know that there are a lot of BS supplements and shakes in the market. What brand is then an effective and safe whey protein?

    • Greg

      Gold standard ON whey is solid.

      • raphael

        Forgot to ask, when is the best time to drink this whey protein? :)

        • Greg

          You drink it 30 minutes after training or as a small meal during the day.

  • Chris

    Hey man.

    I just wanted to run a quick question by you. I have started your muscle building program and have been doing it for a month now and i am making great strength gains. However dialing in the number of calories i need to eat a day to gain around 0.5lbs a week has been difficult. I am around 160lbs with 10% bf at 6ft. I started out as the calculator suggested with around 2400 cals (maintenance) and 3000 on training days (600 surplus) but i saw no gains in weight. I have increased my calories by 300 on both rest and workout days from week to week trying to find the right surplus and i am now at the stage where come next week my calories are going to be at 3500 cals on rest days and 4100 cals on workout days. Haha tbh im a little bit nervous about how high its getting! I am in no way a hard gainer as i dropped 20lbs this summer to get to 160lbs. I just find that when i track my calories and macros and keep my food choices clean my intake needs to be high. What are your thoughts man, your insight would be much appreciated. I may just need to keep going, and may have to accept that’s the way my body responds.

    also i read somewhere i think that youv got another program coming out, is that true? always love reading your stuff. Thanks

    • Greg

      Wow, that’s a super high calorie intake. I’m blown away! If you’re getting that high in calories you can definitely add some junk foods like icecream, cereals or pancakes to hit your macros. It will definitely make it easier to eat so many calories and gain weight. I’m really surprised at how high you have to go.

      • Chris

        Yeah man it baffles me, what i find quite strange also is, through the whole process of increasing my calories my weight is staying the same, doesn’t seem to fluctuate at all. when i was eating 2400-2600 cals a day i wasn’t losing weight i was still maintaining, it was only when i drop below this that i lose weight. however to maintain it seems that it ranges from 2400-3500 cals so far.

  • umberto

    ok greg, a question for ya…

    I ve just finished to read the power of now and must admit it’s amazing… the only thing is that it is very hard for me to avoid the ”wandering” of my mind….

    Have u got any tips which helped u to focus on the now and to controll your mind???

    for example,what do you focus on when you’re let’s say walking???? how are u able not to think…???

    ps the moment that I manage to focus on the now are the 5% of my day…. I m worry I won’t be able to do that….


    • Greg

      Great work reading the book! Think of living in the present moment as a skill set you need to develop with time. Everytime you realize you’re not present (aka your mind is wandering) you become present. This is because the present watcher has caught yourself thinking. At first you may only be able to spend brief periods in the present moment. With daily practice the gaps will become longer. I also recommend practicing 20 minutes of meditation per day. Use the meditation to focus on your breathing and being highly focused and alert. If a thought comes in, observe the thought and come back to presence.

      • umberto

        great, thanks!!!how many time did it take u to stay focus on the present time for decent period???

        • Greg

          It takes a few weeks to really get it down. You really have to listen to the audio everyday for 20-30 minutes.

          • umberto

            is there the audio you’re talking about on youtube?? because I haven’t purchased the book but read a pdf I ve found on google….

            If u told me where to find it for free that would be amazing.. (just if U know it ,of course)

            THANKS GREG

          • Greg

            No audio on youtube. You have to purchase it on amazon or itunes.

  • Nick Hill

    I loved the article and am really happy that I stumbled on your site. My favourite bit though is the first comment from Ralphael. Somewhat missing the point:) I have started on my journey to the now and am also writing about it. I do wonder if it is a tough sell? People, including myself are interested in hearing about how external circumstances are going to change there lives rather then accepting responsibility and looking inward for their happiness.

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  • Radu

    ”When you read something for the second time, you don’t see something that wasn’t in it before, you see something in yourself that wasn’t there before.”

    The first time I read this article I memorized the quote “It’s only when you are deeply present that true happiness can arise.” I kept thinking about that for a few months. I found out that sometimes we lack the awareness of understanding certain thoughts and we need to grow in consciousness before we can understand the idea.

    Now when I re-read this article what popped into my mind was the idea of being present before taking action and therefore letting go of the self-limiting beliefs about ourselves. This is huge. Too many times we identify ourselves with our self-image and stop ourselves from doing something because “that’s not like us”. As I start growing in awareness I’m realizing that what we call “us” is really just perception. As Elliot Hulse said, we’re free to recreate ourselves whenever we want but we can only do this when we stop identifying ourselves with our mind or self-image.

    And you’re right Greg, listening to the audio version of The Power of Now is so much more powerful than reading the book :)

    Btw, I found this really cool quote by Viktor Frankl: “Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lays our growth and our freedom.”

    Keep writing man, I’ll be reading it.

    • Greg

      This is an absolutely beautiful realization you have made Radu. Thanks so much for sharing it.

  • Zorik

    Great article! But it is really hard to put the practice of the present into actionable steps.
    The reason is because my mind never stops thinking! Even during the night, which prevents me from decent night of sleep! lol
    Every time I try to meditate I have over 100 thoughts:( I try to observe but then I attach to them always.
    Do you listen to the “practicing the power of now” audio in addition to meditation?
    How long did it take you to experience the present moment daily?

    • Greg

      Dude listen to practicing the power of now. I never did conventional meditation. Listen to practising the power or now everyday for at-least 20 minutes and by day 10 you should notice a massive difference. I also do a sleep hypnosis audi at night that works beautifully.

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