10 AWESOME Reasons Why I Fast Every Single Day

Spartans & Greeks Didn't Eat a Morning Breakfast Meal!

As I write this article it has been at-least four months since I've had a morning breakfast meal. In fact I go until 2 pm everyday before my first meal. To be honest skipping breakfast and fasting is one of the best things I've ever done!

In this article I am NOT going to tell you why you don't need breakfast, why fasting won't cause you to burn muscle and why fasting will not slow down your metabolism. If you still believe in these ridiculous myths I suggest you read this article here - http://www.leangains.com/2010/10/top-ten-fasting-myths-debunked.html

Instead in this article I am going to share with you some incredible benefits I have received by fasting 16-18 hours every single day (9-10pm until 2-3pm). Now Let's get to this!

1. My Face Cleared UP! WOHOO

celebrity intermittent fasting

For the last time I am not Brad Pitt! Just a close relative.

Through my teens and into my adult years I have always suffered with acne and regular breakouts despite eating a healthy diet and washing my face regularly. Once I started pushing my first meal later into the day my skin started to gradually improve. When I would go back to breakfast my skin would breakout again. Eventually I made the connection that daily fasting is the best cure for acne. I have no idea why this works all I know is that it freaking works! If I had to take a guess I would say that giving your body an extended break from digesting food allows your body to detox itself. Digesting food constantly throughout the day puts a lot of stress on your body and that stress comes out in many ways.

2. Breathing Conditions Improved

Can't take a deep breath what to do

For the past few years I have suffered from some shortness of breath at times. At its worst my ability to enjoy life would be reduced significantly. Not being able to suck in a nice, big satisfying breath can drive you nuts and make your life somewhat miserable. Cutting out gluten, limiting dairy, injecting myself with vitamin b12 shots weekly and avoiding all fragrances and secondhand smoke improved my breathing conditions greatly.  Once I added intermittent fasting to the mix my breathing got even better and now gives me no problems to this day (except when I expose myself to second hand smoke, fragrance, gluten or too much dairy). On a side note if you are the type of person who wears excessive cologne or perfume on a regular basis and even worse - does so to the gym then I HATE YOU.

3. I Crave Healthy Foods

No Thankyou! I'll pass :)

Once I started skipping my breakfast and fasting I have began to crave healthy, natural foods. Go 16-20 hours without food and naturally you will gravitate towards healthy foods. Eat food on a regular basis several times a day and you take the healthy stuff for granted and junk food becomes tempting.


Okay. I'm getting a little ahead of myself here.

My friends still don't believe me when I tell them that I cook for myself everyday. Rewind a few months ago before I started this intermittent fasting thing and cooking seemed like the biggest pain in the A$$. I would rather drive to a restaurant and pay $20 for a meal then to make a meal for myself. Once I started fasting I gained a strong appreciation for cooking BIG Healthy Meals for myself. Never in my life did I ever think I would
a) regularly cook for myself & b) actually enjoy it

5. I CAN EAT BIG A$$ MEALS and Get/Stay Lean

One of my Favorite Dinner Meals (no I am not bulking - I'm cutting :)

There is something manly about eating big meals. Ever notice that women love it when they see a fit man eat a LOT of food?  I feel like this goes back to our tribal days when the Alpha Males would get the most food. Women are inherently attracted to alpha men. In the past when I followed traditional dieting of 5 small meals a day I felt like a little girlyman/wimp. In addition to this I could never stay satiated on small meals and all I would think about throughout the day was food. Now I can get super lean and maintain while having nice, big, healthy massive meals.

My favorite method is to eat a regular size meal at 2pm and again at 5:30 and then a BIG A$$ KING SIZE Meal at 9pm.

6. Getting Shredded is EASY With Intermittent Fasting 

Got Ripped Skipping Breakfast

Believe it or not fasting is an effective appetite suppressant. Once you adapt to it you do not get hungry during the fast. Instead you feel a sense of mental clarity and determination. In addition fasting lowers insulin, boosts HGH and increases catecholamines putting you in the ultimate fat burning state. Stubborn body fat no more. As well taking in caffeine in a fasted state increases the stimulatory effects.

7. Bulking Up is Also Easy with Intermittent Fasting 

Added Pure Muscle Fasting Everyday

Bulked up here (10 lbs heavier then the picture before) fasting 16 hours everyday and strength training only 3x per week. Most of the training was done on an empty stomach after ingesting 10g of BCAA (to increase protein synthesis and prevent protein breakdown). BIG high carb and moderate protein post workout meals were emphasized here to maximize lean muscle gains when my body was the most primed for growth. Fasting increases insulin sensitivity which allows you to better store and utilize carbohydrates in muscles. No need for tupperware containers and regular shakes. I could enjoy life without worrying about getting 30g of protein every couple of hours.

8. Incredible Mental Clarity with Fasting

Watch the trailer of Limitless and you will understand what I'm talking about.

Fasting is like taking NZT! I was blind but now I can see. Since I have skipped breakfast I am more productive, determined and have better focus. Everything is clear. I know what I need to do and I do it.

9. I Never Get Colds Anymore

It's Okay Adriana! I won't catch your cold I promise ;)

Before I started this Intermittent Fasting Thing I used to get sick quite often. Like everyone I'm sure I can't stand being sick coughing and sniffling all the time. YUCK! Well now I rarely get sick! Even when everyone around me is getting sick and I'm getting their germs I stay healthy and vibrant. It is AWESOME! I love it when people are like, "stay away from me, I'm sick." I just respond, "That's okay, I don't get sick"

10. I Now Wake Up with a PANT BUSTING BONER every Day!

how to increase testosterone

Good Morning Baby! ;)

Excuse me if that last one was too much! Just thought I  would add it because I think it's awesome. For men that don't know a strong morning hard on represents high testosterone levels. Ever since I started daily intermittent fasting I have noticed a big difference in the morning. Why intermittent fasting improved my morning testosterone, I have no clue. Maybe it's my body providing a little kick start to give me energy to go out and hunt for food (my hypothesis). Don't ask me for the scientific reasons or explanations. I don't have them. I'm just telling you what I noticed.

How to Get Started With Daily Intermittent Fasting? 

I will keep this quite short and concise for now. I will expand in another article. For daily fasting I like to go 16-18 hours without food. So If I finish eating at 10pm I will go until 2-4pm the next day until my first meal. Coffee, water and tea can be consumed during the fasting hours. I keep a 6-8 hour eating window where I consume all my calories. I like to have 3 meals within this time frame spaced evenly apart and avoid snacking between these meals. If my goal is fat loss I will keep my first 2 meals smaller and my last meal will be the biggest (this allows me to keep calories low without too much trouble). If I am bulking I will make the post workout meal the largest.

If I train around 12:30-1pm I will workout fasted after ingesting 10g of BCAA or whey protien. If I workout in the afternoon (3-5pm) I will eat 1 small meal (20% of daily calories) 2-3 hours before training and 2 more meals after training.

If I workout in the evening 7 or 8pm then I will have 2 pre workout meals (2pm and 5pm) each of roughly 20% of total calories. Then I will have one big post workout meal after training (roughly 60% of total calories).

Bonus Video

Checkout this video I made recently. Doesn't have anything to do with IF (intermittent fasting) but I decided to add it for fun.

Next Article - How to Incorporate Intermittent Fasting into Your Routine to Boost Muscle Growth & Maximize Fat Loss 

For more information on Intermittent Fasting for muscle building and fat loss visit Leangains.

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    • admin


      Usually I’ll train around 12:30 or 1pm and have my first meal afterwards. If I can’t train until later then I will have a smaller meal around 2pm, train around 5pm, another meal at 6 and my final meal at 9pm.

  1. Pascal Pagh

    Great article Greg, it shows all the things i have noticed myself since i started implementing to my lifestyle a year ago – including number 10;)
    I saw the light and i’m staying in the light:)

  2. orjon

    hey boss plz answer my question…and may i ask you how to build uper chest by bbodyweight exercises ? Thnks wery much for everything

    • admin


      If I knew about the awesome benefits of fasting when I was 16 or 17 I definitely would have done it. Many teenagers don’t even eat breakfast before going to school and find they can work more effectively by skipping their breakfast. Of-course not everyone is the same and some people prefer to eat a healthy breakfast in the morning.

      Try it out for a few weeks and see what you think and if it is for you. Just make-sure if you are cutting out your breakfast you eat a healthy lunch, dinner and a third meal.

  3. Aditya

    well done for this post very intresting and all the signs of hgh increase

    so you have only lunch and dinner right?

    how many calories do you consume all together in that period?

    and when did you get started and what fat% were you before and after


    • admin


      I consume 3 meals per day. 2pm, 5-6pm and 9-10pm. Calories vary depending on my goals – fat loss, muscle gain or maintenance.

  4. Black Mamba

    That acne statement is interesting…….would love to see you go more in depth on that….interesting topic. I have found certain foods bother me…and I noticed the same thing you did.

  5. Black Mamba

    I heard there could be some cortisol issues with drinking coffee early but I’m not sure how accurate the studies are. Nor if its that big of a deal

  6. I am about to turn 15 and am on the powerlifting team. So I am constantly trying to increse strength. I am a slim but muscular teen. If I just ate 3 meals a day. (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner.) Would i have the same benifiets as fasting. And Can that 3 meal diet help me gain muscle mass if its full of protein?
    Josh recently posted..10 AWESOME Reasons Why I Fast Every Single Day

    • admin


      Intermittent Fasting can benefit you. Just make-sure to fast no more then 16 hours per day. If your training earlier get 30g of whey protein before hand or 10g of BCAA. The key to gaining muscle for you is going to be eating very large post workout meals with high protein and very high carbs.

  7. Razi

    I work out at 6 in the morning everyday. What’re your thoughts on implementing fasting into my daily routine ?

    • admin


      Take 10g of BCAA before training and again 2 hours later. Have your first meal at around 12-1pm and your last meal at 8-9pm. This strategy is highly effective for fat loss but not quite as effective for building muscle. Since the 2-3 hour post workout window is when you are able to best utilize excess carbs.

      • tom

        I work out from 7am to 8am. would you recommend the first meal then to be big and with lots of carbs at around 8/9am? want to maintain my 77 kg while dropping body fat which is around 12% right now.
        2nd meal 1pm and 3rd meal 5pm? I´ll die :)))

        • Greg

          No, don’t consume your biggest meal in the morning. I would actually fast until noon time. Take 10g of BCAA just before training and one hour after training. You can have your biggest meal around noon and consume the rest of your calories/macros in your window.

  8. Razi

    Would it be wiser to start your Intermittent Fasting diet after a couple month of muscle building or do a couple months of Intermittent Fasting then slowly build muscle ?
    Thank you for your help. My goal is to replicate your body size so I’m not sure how to tackle it. Your website is extremely inspiring and got me into working out at the age of 18!

  9. Mark Thomas

    Hi Greg,

    I was wondering if your “morning to dinner fasts” will shed more body fat than Eat Stop Eat? (Since you’re fasting more than twice a week.)

    I also noticed that your style of fasting is similar to the Warrior Diet, but you don’t really “pig out” in the evening… is that correct? Otherwise, the large calorie deficit wouldn’t be there. :-)

    It’s almost like you invented the “new and improved” Warrior Diet, but without stuffing your face at night (to make up for the day).

    Could you please do a post on working the shoulders?

  10. Thierry

    An interesting article, I also love how casually random you throw in the pics of the hot chicks and the “ah ok……wait wut?”-moment at reason 10 cracked me up.

    At the moment i will probably fucking die if i wait 16 hours before i eat my first meal since i’m pretty accustomed to the whole bodybuilding eating pattern but I’m not overly bulky and ill keep it in mind for my cut period in the summertime.

    Keep bringing the humorous (yet) informative articles man, I really enjoy reading them! :)

    • admin


      Fasting 17-18 hours is fine. As an everyday thing I like to go no more then 18 hours so I can at-least fit in 3 meals during the feeding window. If I don’t eat 3 meals I end up stuffing myself during the 1 or 2 meals I have in the window (not good) or worse just binge eat non stop during the window.

    • admin


      Thanks man. The reason I look so much bigger (even though I only gained 10 lbs) is for 2 reasons:

      a) Very little fat gain. Most people that bulk up 10 lbs gain about half fat and half muscle. I probably gained 70-80% muscle.

      b) Added most of the muscle to my upper body (especially shoulders, traps and arms) and less so to my legs which are already lean and strong.